Artemis Fowl 10th Anniversary Edition...

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Re: Artemis Fowl 10th Anniversary Edition...

Postby Kiki » Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:49 pm

I’m not saying the book should be published in other countries, I’m saying people in other countries should be able to buy it, through internet (ebay is a possibility, not the best one, depending on the number of copies available, which could raise the price even more, and we would have to wait for somebody that would want to sell it) or on stores.

I understand the trouble that would be publishing in other countries, with the agreements with the “natives” publishing companies, copyright and all that. Besides, this would be a Penguin initiative, something that this publishing company is planning and doing. But the distribution to other countries, although not something easy to handle, I agree, is something that depends much less on complex contracts and other people (especially today, with the internet, things got much easier).

I’m not overly worried about this because books by Penguin reach pretty much every country, in a way or another, buuuut… you never know when they might change that, considering how exclusive they would make this.

As long as this is in Amazon I can live with that XD They usually cover everywhere.

On demand printing is also a possibility, but I don’t know how this would affect the quality.

BTW, happy Artemis’s birthday to everyone ^^
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