Avatar: Last Airbender

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Snows of Yester-Year
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Re: Avatar: Last Airbender

Postby Snows of Yester-Year » Sun May 02, 2010 4:09 am

I saw stuff for like.. storyboard artists, possibly animators. Things like that.
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Re: Avatar: Last Airbender

Postby jonnystratus » Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:29 am

Even though Avatar is of American origin, it has a lot of Japanese anime influence, particularly visually, but keeps the best of both animation cultures with it's American sense of playfulness and more realized characterization. The creators of Avatar have really crafted an artistic piece of fun and creative storytelling that is a rare gem for American TV.

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Venom Wolf
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Re: Avatar: Last Airbender

Postby Venom Wolf » Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:07 pm

Anyone seen the opening for The Legend of Korra? It follows the next avatar after Aang.


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Re: Avatar: Last Airbender

Postby Rocket Axxonu » Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:22 pm

I was like, hmmm, I wonder if there's a thread for this series on this site. (And sure enough, there is. And there are even posts more recent than 2009. [Unlike the other threads I've been responding to. XD] But yes, I am replying to people who haven't been on here in years. I like talking about Avatar. :P)

Venom Wolf wrote:Anyone seen this?


The creators of Avatar know all about the shipping wars that go on in this fandom and made a short parody about it.

Lol, I was looking through this thread, and I was like, 'I've never heard of that.' Oh gosh, really. (I was so in disbelief this was real I had to watch it twice.) It's through things like this I learn so much about the fans of fandoms...(I'm with Zuko, I didn't see that ending coming either. xD)

That link doesn't work anymore (it's been too long, that one's been taken down x3), so I had to find it the hard way. But in case anyone sees this and is interested, here's a current link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuSshdGE1Lo

...Yeah, I don't even know what to say.

BkkprGirl wrote:Does anyone else find it obnoxious that they're pronouncing Sokka's name as SOH-CAH with a long O, instead of SAH-CAH, with a short O, like they did in the actual series? It's not like a book character, where you can misinterpret how to pronounce something. They actually said it that way throughout the entire show.

I think they were going for a more authentic Asian sound on the pronunciations. (I took Japanese in high school, and it is true that, based on that spelling, you would pronounce it with the long O sound. And you would also pronounce the 'a' sound in Aang's name like it is in the film, more like 'ong' rather than 'ang' like in 'bang.' I'm not sure how similar all the Asian languages are, but that's how it is for Japanese.) I guess maybe it would have made sense for them to keep the name pronunciations the same as in the show, but I didn't really mind that aspect of the movie, I thought it was kind of a interesting choice.

I mean, I do think the movie had kind of a low-budget feel to it. (Some of the acting does feel awkward, though watching the movie a second time after I'd seen it once, it actually didn't seem to be all that bad—it just wasn't amazingly good. Acting is kind of like writing and drawing that way, there's writing and drawing out there that's really pretty good, but we're so used to seeing stuff that's the absolute best of the best, writing written by experienced authors who possess a skill of about one in a million or drawn by absolutely incredible illustrators, again who happen to have a gift only about one in a million people have, that when you see something that's not at that same level, all it's flaws are immediately picked out and it's judged as 'bad.' Writing and drawing are both incredibly difficult disciplines to master, and acting is the same way.) Plus, trying to turn a cartoon into a movie, especially a cartoon like Avatar which has never been done before (unlike things like Superman and Spiderman), would be extremely difficult. And trying to fit all of Season one into one two-hour movie, and make it all work together...

The first time I watched it, I did find it a little awkward to sit through, and it felt like it was just kind of going from one thing to another, but when I watched it again (and was able to kind of get past all those little surface-y things that, as said above, we're not used to seeing because we're used to seeing everything the best of the best and ultra-streamlined), I appreciated some of the things they did a lot more. I think it is nice to have a movie, even if it's not on Harry Potter or Hunger Games level. (Yeah, I want an Artemis Fowl movie...)

lotrfan wrote:In non-movie news, don't you guys think there should be another season? I don't know if this has been discussed previously, but the end of Sozin's Comet was a totaly cliff-hanger! Zuko's mother is alive!? WTH? And they just leave it at that? Come on! There should totally be another season. I mean, yeah, so Aang's story is over, but that doesn't mean Zuko's is. Aang doesn't have to be in it, it could just be Zuko and Sokka or something in just a little mini-series thing. Or like a TV movie (that's animated obviously).

Since the time this question was written...they have started coming out with comics, which are a direct sequel to the original series. (Including the story of Zuko's search for his mother—though yeah, I think Mike and Brian, the creators, did originally pitch the idea for that story as a TV-movie, but Nickelodeon turned it down at the time.) But you know, now that you mention it, the stories have been pretty focused on Zuko, maybe because his story still does feel a bit unresolved in a lot of ways.

lotrfan wrote:He needs to ditch Mai too, she's cool when she's fighting, but when she's dating Zuko, she makes him all depressed too. idk.
I've actually been wondering, who do you guys ship? I was totally for Zuko/Katara, but that can't really happen anymore, but still.

I pretty much go for the canon ships, whatever they are. I didn't necessarily care about the romance especially on the first watch through, but I liked it well enough, (especially the funny moments, like in The Fortune Teller xD) and all the pairings have grown on me over time. (I like the connection between Aang and Katara that was built up over the series. I also really like Katara and Zuko's relationship, but I'm more interested in them as just friends.)

Zuko and Mai...I did feel like the series didn't do a great job of setting that up (it just seemed to sort of come out of nowhere—there's a free comic that was released for free comic book day that kind of fills in the gap there, where we find out that, because Zuko didn't want to return to the Fire Nation after he helped conquer Ba Sing Se, and apparently Zuko and Mai had childhood crushes on each other, Azula decided to engineer the two of them getting together in order to induce Zuko to come back to the Fire Nation with them. [There's this scene right at the end I love, where Zuko announces he's going back with them, and in the last panel, as they're all getting on the boat, Azula says, 'Do what you want, Zuzu. It's your decision.' And she just has the most evil look on her face. xD!] I guess there really wasn't room for this scene in the show, but I admit it did feel sudden in the show, and having something more about this might have helped.

But, I mean, I do still like Zuko and Mai. That sort of ultra depressing personality is one of the things I like about her, it makes me laugh...And that moment in the Boiling Rock when she
betrays Azula
is one of my favorite moments in the entire series.

lotrfan wrote:
jenn-jenn wrote:
lotrfan wrote:And Zuko should SO have his own mini-series! Ahh!

A zuko mini-series would be epic, but I feel like it should be darker.... like, not on regular nickelodeon. If only Nick had it's own sort of Adult Swim, like Cartoon Network.

Well, they have teen-nick. But how dark could it be? I mean, some of the episodes are pretty dark, like when Jet dies, or Azula's insanity.

Yeah, I agree, I think people underestimate how dark some parts of Avatar really are. (Just look at The Puppet Master, or The Southern Raiders. I mean, bloodbending—controlling someone from the inside out. You don't get a bending concept much darker than that. And main characters setting out on a mission to assassinate someone for the purpose of getting revenge, you don't really expect that in a Nick show. Also what we saw in the show of Zuko's past, the disappearance of his mother, and Azula basically taunting him about it—that entire episode had a dark feeling to it. Not to mention the genocide of all the airbenders.)

I mean, Avatar isn't outright gory or anything like that, but that's what I like about it. It's able to deal with some pretty serious topics and introduces some dark themes without going to the grotesque extremes some of the adult programming goes to.
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