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Postby bentj96 » Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:57 pm

Ok, so I live in Vancouver. The prices of everything from food to electronics to fuel is ridiculously expensive. We also have high taxes. There are taxes on anything that require service, such as a restaurant. I found that gas prices are 30% higher in Vancouver than the States and that a meal at a relatively high-end restaurant only costs $50 opposed to about $80. Not to mention tax.

There have been several campaigns to stop this. Lower the taxes they say. My response is... They'll just raise another tax. HST is notoriously hated, but necessary. My question for them is, where will you get the money that you lost from cutting HST? The government doesn't magically make money. The money for the government comes from taxes. It's one reason I think politicians are evil.

Just to prove the ignorance of the majority, my entire socials class had no answer when the teacher asked why it wouldn't make sense to donate money to Japan, and then have the government double it. He found the suggestion in the newspaper, written by a 35-year old dentist. (lol at those dentists who failed med school :P) If that doesn't speak ignorance, what does?

I think the best way to eventually lower taxes, is to raise them for a while, launch a campaign to help use tax money more efficiently, launch another to make sure the majority of adults are employed, then lower taxes. Our country will be able to support it because we no longer require such high taxes. The people with jobs, will no longer need welfare, they will then pay the government through income tax, and there you have it. Double whammy. The government is spending less, and earning more. Canada will became richer, and have lower taxes. Demanding that we just cut taxes is rather stupid. Politicians obviously manipulate people using taxes, especially those who don't even understand where taxes go.

Simply put, if we cut HST, where will the government get money? They will always need a similar amount of tax, even if you don't like it. Most people like the short way, but that is not going to work...ever.

So, what do you guys think? Am I right? Is it stupid to just cut a tax and not know the consequences?

Are politicians evil? Am I even right, or am I simply another ignorant drone?
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