Do you think TTP was darker then some of the other books?

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Re: Do you think TTP was darker then some of the other books?

Postby FadingLight » Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:51 pm

Yeah, that's a good point. It kinda makes you wonder what would've happened if Artemis hadn't lied to Holly. It probably would've been a whole lot more awkward upon their return to their original ages, but you can't really know how that would've gone—maybe the feelings would disappear and life would resume as normal, maybe they'd hang around partially and complicate things, but you don't know because Artemis did lie.

Also, I read part of the Pendragon series, but I guess the books didn't really grab me and I gave up a bit after the middle of the series. But yeah, Bobby failing and people dying gave the books a darker feeling, and I guess it's realistic that the hero can't win every fight.
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Re: Do you think TTP was darker then some of the other books?

Postby Rocket Axxonu » Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:50 pm

I forgot about this topic... (Guess I might as well reply to it now, while I'm on a role. x3)

That is kind of an interesting thing to think about...I mean, I really love the way TTP played out, the reason I loved it as much as I did was that not everything did work out in the end, and Artemis did have to pay for the lie he told to save his mother. (That is, the lie he told did turn out to be a real sacrifice, in a way even he didn't fully anticipate.) But you do wonder how things might have been different without that one lie. (Would Holly have even ended up going to the past if Artemis hadn't emotionally blackmailed her into it?) If in that scene in the chapter 'The Frog Prince,' Artemis had been able to say his real feelings, rather than confess the lie, you wonder how things might have turned out. It could be when they returned from the past, Holly, going back to her normal age, things would have all gone back to normal anyway. (After all, Holly's sort of implied statement was hinged on the possibility, 'What if I'm stuck like this?') Still, there might have been a door still open sometime in the future, when Artemis was older. But yeah, we won't ever know that. And again, I do like how TTP ultimately played out. Those sort of understated moments, Artemis's simple thought, 'If only'--I felt like that was able to communicate so much more powerfully and capture that sense of regret so well, and probably better than a long internal monologue.
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