Artemis Fowl Spin-Off Series

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Artemis Fowl Spin-Off Series

Postby Merv Simestra » Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:33 am ... eries.html ... rs-8769985

So, apparently we're getting a spin-off series featuring the Fowl twins in 2020. Eoin Colfer is, of course, writing the series (thank heavens). Looks like it might only be two books, but we also know Eoin's history with "it's just gonna be this many books and that's it" policy. In light of the movie news and all, what are your thoughts on this new development?

(Also, the writer of the Bustle article wrote The Lost Colony as The Lost Code, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.)
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Re: Artemis Fowl Spin-Off Series

Postby Rocket Axxonu » Mon Jun 04, 2018 5:11 am

Wow, didn't find out about this until just now. (I was super excited to finally get a date on the movie, but wasn't on the lookout for any new Artemis Fowl material, especially not something actually written by Colfer.)

Oh yeah, this is super exciting news. Although the twins weren't the most interesting part of the original series, at least for me, I still think they were a lot of fun, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Right now I'm just stunned at the prospect of getting new canon Artemis Fowl material, I wasn't expecting anything like that at all. (And full length books too, not just short stories such as The Seventh Dwarf or Holly's captain's initiation.)

Colfer's books are always a blast, but I think it will be awesome just seeing what the AF world looks like post-TLG. (Or I guess that Colfer might set the book during the time Artemis was dead in TLG, that could be interesting. I doubt he'd set the books much earlier than that, I wouldn't expect the twins to be younger than five. I wonder if he might even fast forward things to make them the same age as Artemis in book one, or even teenagers. Then that would mean Artemis would be in his twenties. I really hope he'll at least make a cameo even if he doesn't turn out to be a big part of the book.)

Anyway, yeah, all my fangirl-ness is coming out at once, lol. (Haha! Sounds like they were a bit schizophrenic there. I didn't even catch that, I think I was reading too fast. XD)
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Re: Artemis Fowl Spin-Off Series

Postby tornadocondoc » Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:26 am

I'm excited to read their adventures-- even more excited at the chance of a possible cameo by Arty himself--

If we're having the twins be the focus, then it'll likely be set some time after the last book. Artemis is going to be an adult [I mean he already TECHNICALLY is one but he'll ACTUALLY be one] and probably running the legitimate family business.

As for the boys-- I'm excited to see how Beckett takes to bodyguard training. Since Colfer has hinted that Beckett would become Myles' bodyguard.

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