Coffee Drinker!

All coffee fans introduce yourself here, and take your places at the coffee side of the argument... do your fellow coffee fans proud!
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Coffee Drinker!

Postby Qh_girl » Tue Apr 01, 2008 6:00 pm

Haha, well, I will introduce myself to the world of Coffee drinkers on coffee side of the arguement.
Hi, I'm Rainy, I drink coffee, I'm fifteen and have drunk coffee since twelve. Yes, that is my story. Papa hates coffee, I think I got it from mom. She doesn't drink it either. But used to. (My sister drinks coffee, she is nine :huh2: She uses way too much sugar!)
Just call me Anya, That's what everyone calls me. Though, I answer to almost anything. Or Rainy. She is like, my other half. Though, really, she's just me.
Shiva-- You never got a chance to grow old; but now, you won't have to. Love ya forever, baby girl!

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