Shifter's Academy - Blue Sunrise.

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Shifter's Academy - Blue Sunrise.

Postby Kitsy » Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:36 pm

“Name?” The man at the desk looked like he was at least three hundred years old. The girl sitting across from him fidgeted nervously. “Uh...Abby. Abby Winter.” The man jotted her name down on one of the many papers that lay before him. “Age?”

“Seventeen.” The man frowned. “You're very young to be entering this program. Still, we've had younger. Date of birth?”

“Uh... October 14, 2012.”

“Your parents' names?”

Abby hesitated. “Jack and Samantha Winter.”

The man suddenly seemed interested. “What was your mother's maiden name?”


The man's eyes went wide. “So that explains it.” His voice was a whisper and Abby could barely hear what he said. “Explains what?” she asked.

The man pretended not to hear her. “From now on, you'll not be going by the name of Abby Winter. You'll go by a code name.”

“Which is...?”

“Cara Brennan. Any other questions?”

“Why am I here?”

His eyes narrowed. “You don't know?” Abby shook her head.

“Good, that is the way it is supposed to be. You don't know why you're here until we tell you.”

“And are you going to tell me?”

“You are special, Cara. You are, like me and everyone else here, a shape-shifter.”

Abby laughed. “Nice one.”

“I wasn't joking.” The man's tone told her he was telling the truth.

“Okay...” said Abby slowly. “How....why...”

“Your mother was a shape-shifter. A very powerful one as it turns out.”

“So I can shift into anything?”

“No. A shifter was only two forms. One human and one animal. Everyone's animal form is different.”

“So, why am I here exactly?”

“To receive your training.” He handed her a piece of paper. “Here are the rules and regulations.”

Abby took the paper and began to read.

Rule 1: Never, ever, shift when there are non-shifters around.

Rule 2: Never tell anyone your real name, especially to a non-shifter. You may tell it to your fellow shifters if you wish, but be careful, only do so to those you would trust with your life.

Rule 3: You must be in doors between the hours of 10:00 pm and 8:00 am.

Rule 4: Never reveal what you learn at this academy to anyone.

Rule 5: Only do a freeze when it is absolutely necessary.

Abby looked at the man. “I have a question?”

“Yes, Cara?”

“What is a freeze?”

“A time freeze.”

Abby's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. “We can freeze time?”

The man nodded.


“That is something you'll learn in training.”

Three years later...

Abby started at the council. “You sent for me, your honors?” The head councilor nodded. “Yes, Cara. We hear that your training has gone very well and that you are a fast learner. Now, we've decided to send you on a mission. Your objective: there have been reports of Kyshas raiding nearby cities.”

Abby shuddered. Kyshas were shifters worst enemy. They were evil and callus, and cared for only themselves. They had the ability to control the weather and to teleport, two powers they frequently abused. Plus, they were stronger than shifters and faster too. To shifters like looked like normal human beings, except for one thing: they had eyes like a cat's. Unfortunately, non-shifters couldn't see them, which tended to make things worse. Puzzled, raised her hand. “Yes, Cara?”

“How do we know that if only shifters can see them?”

“We have a few spies settled there.”

Abby nodded, understanding. “What is it you want me to do?”

“Kill them.”

Abby felt a lump rise in throat. “How?”

“How ever you want to. You will not be going alone though. You will take five other shifters will you. We have already talked to them and given them their instructions. You are dismissed.”

Abby bowed and left the council chamber.

As soon as the door was shut, the councilors began to confer. “She bought it.” The others nodded. “Do you think she'll catch on?” asked one nervously.

“Of course not. She has no clue what is going on. The Rebel shifters will be crushed once and for all!”

“Why are the Rebels cast their lot with the Kyshas?”

“Because their Rebels.” answered the lead councilor. “Cara will bring them to us. For years, the Rebels have opposed us. Now, they finally will be defeated!”

“What will happen to Cara?”

“She's a pawn nothing else. She will be put to death of course, along with her five companions.”

“But why?”

“Because, they will learn the truth and we can't have that. Besides, she's powerful. Too powerful, just like her mother.”

The truth, what is the truth? The council was corrupt. They had little respect for anyone. They abused their powers as shifters, to get what they wanted and kill any who spoke out against them. Their greatest crime: centuries ago they stole the Oracle of Hale. The Oracle was a jewel that had been given to a young man who had willing sacrificed his own life that save the son of one of the gods. The Oracle gave the one who possessed it the gift of immortality and unspeakable power. The rightful owner, has long since been forgotten. Several years ago, a shifter code named Jade Walker found out the truth. He convinced anyone who would listen that what he said was true. Thus the Rebel Shifters was founded.

They were banished and formed an alliance with the Kyshas. Although, allies the Rebels have little respect for the Kyshas and vice versa.

Real name: Abigail “Abby” Winter.

Code name: Cara Brennan

Age: 20

Appearance: In her human form, Abby has long brown hair and brown eyes. She stands at about 5'3''.
In her animal form, she is a snow white horse.
Personality: Abby is a very loyal companion and will do anything to defend her friends. She is quite and usually keeps to herself. She takes her training seriously, although her mission. To her, failure is not an option.

History: Abby is a human/shifter hybrid. Her mother disobeyed the orders of the council and married a non-shifter, Jack Winter. Abby was born the day after their second wedding anniversary. Her mother was killed by one of the council's spies when Abby was only four. Her father, unaware that his beloved wife was a shifter, thought she had been raped and murdered by a member of the mafia. He himself died of cancer ten years later. Abby was then taken in by her uncle. Three years later, a shifter noticed her walking in the park one day, and knew instantly she was a shifter. He “kidnapped” her and brought her to the academy.

Roles needed:
Abby's shifter companions who are too accompany her on this mission (5) Ages 16-25

The councilors. (3 or more)

Rebel Shifters (as many as we can get)

Kyshas- (same as Rebels)
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