Artemis Fowl anime?

The Artemis Fowl Movie is coming... On the 26th July 2013, Disney, in association with Harvey Weinstein, announced that a movie covering the events of the first two books was finally in the works!

Would you like Artemis Fowl as an anime series?

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Re: Artemis Fowl anime?

Postby Rocket Axxonu » Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:30 pm

Lol, I think that's just why it's so hard to even contemplate making a movie of something, because everyone has such different preferences. (Personally, if there was only going to be one Artemis Fowl movie in one style of animation, I would prefer something with a modern feel, that captures the technology-spy aspect of the book, as opposed to more classical animation that emphasizes the Irish culture, but that's just my own tastes. I would be happy to see them make anything Artemis Fowl, and see which aspects they chose to emphasize.)

Well, the category of 'anime' represents very diverse styles of animation, and there's no question that many of them would definitely not be suited to Artemis Fowl. A shojo style (such as Fruits Basket or Skip Beat) would be completely out of the question, even though I like those a lot. But there are some animes, such as Code Geass and Black Butler (perhaps Death Note), which deal with very similar themes to the Artemis Fowl series, and I think could have the potential to bring it to life spectacularly. Anime isn't limited to focusing on Japanese characters and settings, any more than American animation is limited to dealing with American stories/characters. (Think of Mulan, where the story is set in China, or Beauty and the Beast and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, which are both set in France.) Black Butler I believe is set in London (and the main character is a lord of a manor house, much like Artemis), and the main character of Code Geass is a Britannian. (Britannia doesn't exist, but I think is made to make you think of Britain.)

Anyway, I'm sure this is all moot anyway. (If Japanese animators haven't even done an official anime of Harry Potter, I'm guessing Artemis Fowl doesn't have a chance. XD)

But to be honest, I think the style (anime, live-action, CGI, classic animation, etc.) matters less than that the people who make the movie have a love and respect for the original material, and do their best to try to be true to it. I could see where they might change things here and there to suit the medium, but so long as the end goal is to create character designs/choose actors that suit who the characters are supposed to be, and the key events are kept true, then I look forward to seeing what they do. (I have seen at least one anime of a book that I wasn't particularly enamored with, which was the Count of Monte Cristo. There were good parts of it, and the artwork was definitely interesting, but there were so many strange extras added into the story, such as the Count being this kind of immortal monster, flying space ships and so on that seemed like they'd just been thrown in there to 'make the story more exciting,' when I think the anime would have been much better if they had tried to be true to the original book and characters.)

Overall, I think a live-action Artemis Fowl would appeal to the broadest audience, and I really hope they get around to making it eventually. X3
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