Commander Roots Death

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Re: Commander Roots Death

Postby Mere Reflection » Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:26 pm

ILiveForTheDay wrote:
Cat Moon wrote:I guess that's because, as a general rule, the authors do usually magicly save their characters, because they can't bear to kill them off - y'know, like, 'Trouble thought it was odd they hadn't called back and got there just before the bomb went off', or something even more improbable, like 'Mulch had been tunneling and happened to bite through the straps as he came to the tunnel wall!'
So it really hits home when an author actually does take the plunge and kill off a character. Although, if they make the films out of AF, I am going to cry my eyes out, because I'm always way more emotional in films. :blush:

I'm about equal in both. In books I get really into the characters head, and in films I get really into the characters from an outsider POV, both of which set me off when they die. I really am pathetic :blush:

And I had the most awful thought last night. I think I remember somewhere, vaguely, in an interview Colfer saying that he was had just killed off a character (talking about TAC) and I've just remembered Vinyaya. I couldn't bear it if she went.
Oh please that be true and about Minerva... Please Minerva, we din't need you, you can die! Minerva! Your grave is calling! Answer it with a yes! For me? PLEASE! (but I agree; don't let it be wittle Vinyaya; I mean I grew quite close to her after reading her correspondance with Opal (it was in the code along the bottom of one of the books. By the end Opal had sworn to kill her beat her daily.) But no matter who dies except Minervait will be sad. :(
Thanks to Cat Moon & Raineesun for helping me do this XD
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Re: Commander Roots Death

Postby JetDragon1656 » Fri Apr 06, 2012 6:04 pm

branden wrote:What do you think about Commander Root dying in the Opal Deception :crying:

SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crying2: i couldn't believe it happened!!!
worest was the reminder that he was dead when the went back into the past
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Re: Commander Roots Death

Postby NerdGurl » Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:24 pm

I cried! I love Root! :(

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Re: Commander Roots Death

Postby FadingLight » Tue Jun 23, 2015 3:41 am

I spent a large section of the book in denial, which softened the blow somewhat when I got to the end of the book, but it was still a big surprise. For some reason I always imagined Root present at whatever big confrontation would be at the end of the series, and then he's killed halfway through, which made me hate Opal Koboi (but not her truffles, because they are a very yummy plot device). I think the scene from the graphic novel when Holly isn't allowed to attend Root's funeral is really well-done, because it actually looks sad, what with the reflections on the glass and Holly crying and the false sunset and Foaly's speech and they way Artemis does grieve but pretty clearly has no idea what to say.
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Re: Commander Roots Death

Postby Rocket Axxonu » Tue Jun 23, 2015 5:01 am

If I'm understanding what you're saying right, I think I might have had the same reaction. I didn't really cry or have this horrible moment like, because the first time I read it, I had this feeling like he wasn't really dead, like there would somehow be a twist and it would turn out he survived after all. So I accepted it slowly over the course of the book, and that kind of softened the blow, I think.
(I had the same reaction near the end of TLG, though I suppose I turned out right in the end on that one. X3)
I know, I really loved the gn version. There was something just powerful about seeing the enormous crowds of fairies, and something about the rows of banners especially got me.
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Re: Commander Roots Death

Postby Athena32 » Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:39 pm

I agree that his death was well done, and he was the (sorry) best character to kill. It's the same situation as we had with Dumbledore. He had to die.
I think the part that bothers me most about his death is the affect it had on Holly. I've always imagined that she's blamed herself for his and Vinyaya's death and is always burdened by that guilt.
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Re: Commander Roots Death

Postby Arty's #1 Fan » Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:40 pm

SO SAD! :crying: He was an amazing character! I cry every time I read that part, and then I feel sad for a while afterwards. RIP Commander Root~ we all miss you. :(
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