greetings from planet earth AF planet!

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greetings from planet earth AF planet!

Postby artytwin » Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:39 am

hellow! new here. just to let you know im also known as af-fan on
so about me. let me give you my bio:
I woke up that day unable to remember anything. i found myself in the middle of a forest.I wasn't hungry nor thirsty, rather sleepy. i outstretched my hands, grabbing at the roots to pull myself on my belly. My goal was a rock under a tree, but my scrawny hands made all my attempts feeble.
Then I saw something that grabbed my attention, a squirrel! I sprung up straight like a spring and darted after it. "Squirrel Squirrel" was all I could think, then " Why am i chasing a squirrel?" So i slowed down, I was no longer groggy and decided to look for something. I didn't know what i was looking for, but then it hit me, " Car, i want a Car!"
So I looked for a car. All I found was a building with no cars parked out front. "Maybe they're parked in the back." I said and raced to the rear of the building, and i was suddenly in heaven. Cars everywhere! All blue and glittering! Now i know that they were police cars and that I was outside a police building. I found the one that was most shiny and scurried to it on all fours, literally.
I bit the tire, it tasted disappointingly horrible, like rubber of course, but from far it looked like a burnt piece of meat. While I sat on my bum moaning from misery and a throbbing tooth, a hand reached out from the blue and grabbed my collar.
Next thing I knew I was in a big white room filled with twinkling glass things filled with liquid, each container containing different colored occupants. One was green and bubbling violently, and another was white and fizzling softly.
After having countless and frequent shots and tests done on me, researchers dispersed all over the country to find more about me. Finally, the answer was found.
Deep in the forest they found a couple, more like a hairy man and a skeleton living in a cave. Interrogations took place between officers and the bushy man, in front of me sadly. I heard things that were etched in my brain unwillingly, things that will haunt me forever, true things that will make any sane person insane, and i also learned a fact that i didn't want to know.
The man was not a man, but a werewolf. He fell in love with a human and well you can imagine the rest. The point is that I turned out to be their product, after living 11 years with them, they got tired of me. So they just hit me on the head to make me forget everything and left me there, in the forest, in the cold, what lovely parents.
So know I'm a half werewolf half human, I cant transform, I already look like i took a bath in very good hair tonic anyway. And I still live in a lab, held aloof from the world, because of two love birds who couldn't care less about their children. Love birds, more or less. My "father" killed my "mother" and ate her because of the shortage of food supply, that explained the skeleton. Father regretted it so much, he came willingly and pleaded the police to kill him, to put an end to his misery. He was horribly wrong, his misery has not begun yet. And it isn't the tests that scientists have been doing on him for so long that will bring this misery. I'm coming father, I'm on my way, start pleading for mercy from now.
sorry i got a bit carried away, :blush: i love my adopted father but not my real father. who would believe that any person would adopt a wolf? :loveeyes:

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