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Re: Artemis Fowl Art

Postby Minervalover » Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:19 am

oh that's too bad. :( i don't even bother with it anymore because i don't really feel like drawing anymore. I'm either having marathons or reading or just doing clean freak stuff.....
or tumblr. yes, or tumblr.
my parents have been encouraging me since i was little to draw and my dad once offered to buy me an app so i can practice digital drawing (even tho i sucked but he still wanted me to learn) and i used to refuse to go to drawing lessons. now i really regret it because i could be better now and now I'm just losing my touch in drawing :/
and plus i hate it when people are in the same room as me as i draw or if they're lingering next to me i just stop drawing and put everything away it's so annoying though.
lucky you you don't have that:/
i use that face a lot don't i?:/ :lick:
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