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Vividus Connect: Creative Arts/Writing Forum - Artemis Fowl Confidential Fan Forum

Vividus Connect: Creative Arts/Writing Forum

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Vividus Connect: Creative Arts/Writing Forum

Postby Sk8 » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:05 am

Name of Site: Vividus Connect

Site URL: http://vividusconnect.com/

Site Type (Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate): Forum

Category: Arts/Humanities - Creative Online Arts & Writing Community

Description: Vividus Connect is a forum orientated around creativity and the promotion of young artists and writers, including an array of creativity promotion. Writing is not our primary focus, nor is artistic pursuits, but instead the entire hub of creativity. Not only does Vividus look forward to the promotion and flourishing of creative artists/writers, Vividus is also geared towards the promotion and creation of a close knit and fun community.

One thing to note, if you were a member of Hortorian and recall a forum that was promised to be opened after its closure, this is that forum - Vividus Connect is administrated by previous Head Admin of Hortorian, Sk8.

You can also follow Vividus Connect thru:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Vividus_Connect
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vividus/229055833821164
Tumblr: http://vividus-connect.tumblr.com/
Blogger.com: http://vividusconnect.blogspot.com/

Vividus Forums - the centre of information. Within this section you can find one of three things: News & Announcements (N&A for short), Member Introduction and Technical Support. These three areas are for members' use to locate and gather information, introduce themselves the community at large (and new members coming in), and seek technical support when something goes amuck.

News & Announcements is where all new forum information will be posted. If something changes in the rules, if a competition is coming up, if we're on the verge of preparing creative war for the AFB All Forum Battle, any new hire-ons or leave of staff, anything and everything newsworthy will be posted here, so keep your eyes peeled for any new posts.

Member Introduction is for all you new members to introduce yourselves to Vivi. New to the forums? Been absent for awhile (even though the forum hasn't been open long enough for anyone to have been absent)? Or just a regular member wanting to welcome newly inducted Vividus members? Then this is the forum for you. Come, greet, welcome, say hai and all of that. This is also the place you can come and get to know the moderators and find out more about these seemingly mysterious Vividus staff.

Technical Support is for forum assistance. If something decides to stop working for you, if there is a technical suggestion you may have (in way of hooks or plugins for the forum) or the like, this is the place you want to check out. Tech Support also includes guides on operating the forums. What do I mean by this? Threads herein include how to customize your profile (setting a photo and signature, editing information, adding/accepting friends, notifications, ect.), how to post threads, how to quote, reply - all of the seemingly, technical aspects will be found herein. You will also find a Troubleshooting thread within Tech Support - this thread will be pinned and open for discussion of suggestions for the forum. Mind, not all suggests will be implemented, but they will be considered and discussed by the staff.

Writing Section - the centre of creative writing, musical and poetic works, and discussion. Herein you will find four sections: Fiction, Essay & Short Stories, Poetry & Lyrics, and Writing discussion. These four areas are for members' use to express themselves in written forum, sharing their creative works, commenting on one another's work, seeking improvement or even collaboration on a project. Writing Section Rules.

Fiction encompasses both fiction and nonfiction, its home to any written works escaping out of the realms of short stories - any works that go beyond twenty pages that is. Basically, these are works that begin to bridge into the novella, trilogy, cycle and/or abridged length. Sagas, epics, however you like to look at it, this forum is for longer works.

Essays & Short Stories are home for shorter works that fall below the novella range (twenty pages or less). Either school essays, personal essays or creative short stories - whatever your essay/short story entails, this is the place for it. Keep in mind, twenty pages is a lot to read, often times updating three to five (3-5) is easier for a reader to keep up with. So, point being, Essays & Stories are not for one-time posts, you can update a short story, this forum is simply for words within twenty pages of length.

Poetry & Lyrics are for just that - poems and lyrics. ​Have a haiku, ode, sonnet, musical ballad or the like? Then this is the place for you to post up your musical, lyrical poetic masterpiece - or masterpiece in the rough. Keep in mind this is the written aspect of lyrics, if you begin to enter into the realm of self recording and sharing of your musical talents, take a look at our Music Forum in the Art's Section.

Writing Discussion, last but not least, where all literary discussion takes places. Writers' resources, collaborations, help with brainstorming or character development - anything and everything related to discussion of writing can be found herein.

Art Section - the centre of creative works in a multitude of mediums. In here you will find a multitude of wonderful things, first is the Artists' Lounge. Following the lounge is Digital & Traditional Art, Photography, Graphics and Music. Art Section Rules.

Artists' Lounge -showcase threads, requests and contest hub. Within the Artists' Lounge you'll find a handy little cove of creative individuals either lounging in one of three places: Showcases, Requests or Contests. Showcases is a central location of an artist's works highlighted in a showcase thread, for further details visit Showcase Rules. Requests, as its name implies, is a place where members can seek out an artistic request. Whether this be a avi/sig set or a cover for a prospective book, this is the place to put in your request. Lastly, in the Artist's Lounge you'll find the Contests subforum. This lovely spot is where, as the name indicates, contests take place.

Digital & Traditional Arts - a place for computer, digitally ... created art and traditional means of art, like painting. Digital art is akin to computer drawings, renderings and the like - not photography which has its own section, nor graphics which has its own section as well. Traditional art, in contrast, is composed of your more traditional mediums of paint, charcoal, pottery or even crayons. This is in essence more drawn, drafted, and originally created works of art rendered through either traditional or digital means.

Photography - a subforum of Digital & Traditional art for all photographical art work. This subforum is for all photograhps captured with some form of camera - ergo, still shots. Traditional photography, such as old school realms scanned in and uploaded, to digital photography is welcomed. Mind, enhanced images - such as smudging, cropping, ect that now comes with digitally altered/enhanced photographs goes herein.

Graphics - otherwise referred to as gfx at times, the place for graphics artwork to be posted. The place for creative artists who utilize gfx - this refers to individuals who enhance photos through GIMP or Photoshop and the like.

Music - a place for musical gathering. This is not solely a discussion forum, well actually it is. However, this is more of an expanded concept of discussion. This involves musical differences of genre, sound methods and the like. Discussing musical compositions used in movies, games - mainstream or nonmainstream music. This also involves discussing musical album covers and such.

Poetry & Lyrics - the subforum located within Music. This is a redirect link to vividus' Poetry & Lyrics section for members to post their own lyrics and discuss other members' lyrics.

Role-Playing Games - the place for text-based role playing. Within this section is the forum's text-based gaming, this means role playing via text. Think of a round-robin with multiple authors, but each post is from the perspective of your character. Discussion & Development, Character Design and Role-Playing Games can be found in this section. RPG Section Rules.

Discussion & Development, the place where perspective RPGs begin. This is the place to either brainstorm (i.e. develop) an RPG concept, or discuss an RPG that is already fleshed out and have members sign up. New to role playing, or its concept? Then check out the guide located here (insert hyper link).

Character Design, the place for characters to be posted. This is the next step in RPG creation, once everyone has signed up, the GM will slap up a character sheet and all players will get their characters posted.

Role-Playing Games, the last in the three, this is where actual game play begins. This is where the GM will post the actual RPG thread where the text-based role playing will take place.

Off-Topic - That place in the forums where general discussion about various topics takes place. Whilst some may see this as the least creative aspect of the forum, I'd disagree. Whilst yes, Vividus focuses on creativity, but creativity can be found in discussion. Topics of focus found in Off-Topic include General Discussion, Forum Games, Media & Entertainment, Books & Literature and Mature Discussion.

General Discussion, the catch all for, well, discussion in general! This covers an array of topics of discussion, primarily anything that isn't covered by the remaing forums within Off-Topic.

Forum Games, a subforum within General Discussion, is where all forum games take place. Wed, Bed, Dead, and more fun, community interacting games take place within this forum. Keep in mind, post counts do not go up posting in Forum Games.

Media & Entertainment, a forum covering discussion of both media and entertainment. Vividus does have a Music forum, so music discussion takes place there. Within this forum you can discuss computers, gaming consoles, movies, television and more.

Books & Literature, the discussion of books, anime, comics, graphic novels, novellas, epics, cycles, trilogies and more! Any discussion relating to books and literature, of any format, can be discussed within here.

Mature Discussion, the forum for more heavy weighted conversation topics. Hard hitting topics of controversy go herein, including religion and politics, but those are not the only topics of discussion that can take place in Mature Discussion. Topics encompassing the environment, social trends and the like. Mature Discussion Rules.

And that's the down-run of the forums, any questions? Feel free to ask! Any suggestions? Feel free to make them!

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