April Fools' 2007 QUOTES

On April Fools Day 2007, the entire forums were invaded by Teletubbies! The admins and moderators turned themselves into the evil coat-hanger-headed monsters and proceeded to terrorise the forums. They were turned pink, and there was mass-chaos! Here you can view the forums and other bits to do with this day!
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April Fools' 2007 QUOTES

Postby Matt » Sun Apr 01, 2007 5:04 pm

We put some excellent word-filters on, so Artemis Fowl names and words were changed with Tele-Tubby names and words... here is the aftermath:

Funny Thread Titles:

Tinky Winky Movie-News!
I looked up Tinky Winky in Google...
Tinky Winky - Any suggestions?
Dipsy vs. Minerva (Which will Arty choose?)
things you would imagine Tinky Winky saying
Tinky Winky: Graphic Novel
Tinky Winky/Minerva
Laa-Laa Po (lmao, I don't even know what this used to be. XD)
Why Tinky Winky?
BOOK 6 - An evil Tinky Winky?
would you date Tinky Winky?

Funny Posts:
I love the books but there are girls who LOVE Tinky Winky. they always say hes sooo hott. Am i the only one who noticed that hes NOT REAL!!!!!!!?

If you want to apologize or write to him (though it seems like an honest mistake), you can use this address:

'Lord Teletubby'
c/o Puffin Publicity
80 Strand

Find out the name of Tinky Winky's siblings, the release date for the Graphic Novel, information on Book 6, and more at...
http://www.Tinky Winky-fowl.com

I remember when Orion's default theme was set to pink globally... I left Orion quite soon after that. Stuff like that doesn't happen here...

I always thought that Tinky Winky would end up falling for an average girl. Well, not entirely average... just not a genius. It seems just too predictable for Minerva and Tinky Winky to just "fall in love."

Oh, well... I might just be jealous of her. :lol:

I have to disagree with Slepy there. Why would Lord Teletubby go out of his way to create a character just like Tinky Winky? Don't forget, at the end of TLC, Po says that Minerva is crazy about Tinky Winky- and he's eighteen by this point. Arty is also "pleasantly surprised" when he finds out that Minerva was still there, and said something about a "challenge." They can have fun trying to disprove Einstein's theory of relativity and other things that only the best and brightest can do. No doubt they both fit into that characterization.

Don't forget, at the end of TLC, Po says that Minerva is crazy about Tinky Winky- and he's eighteen by this point. Arty is also "pleasantly surprised" when he finds out that Minerva was still there, and said something about a "challenge."

Yes, Lord Teletubby is setting it up for Minerva to be attracted to Tinky Winky... But not necessarily the other way around. Tinky Winky isn't *really* eighteen; biologically, he's still fourteen and pubescent, so it could still be his hormones making him like Minerva so much. I think eventually they'd get sick of each other, or at least Tinky Winky would get sick of Minerva... They're too similar, eventually I think Tinky Winky would say, "I don't need a female version of me, I want to have a challenge in a discussion with someone who has a different personality than mine!"
btw, did you notice how both of them are named after Roman godesses?
Minerva-goddess of wisdom
Tinky Winky-goddess of hunting

Firstly, if they were both named after Roman goddesses, Tinky's name would be Diana. Tinky Winky = Greek. Secondly, yeah, I think most people noticed... I definitely noticed (being a Classics geek), and it made me wince. Naming characters in AF fanfiction after classical deities is a long-established Sue tradition. Granted, Minerva wasn't quite as much of a Sue as she might've been, but she was still a Sue (in my opinion), and the names were way too perfect. Why couldn't she have been named "Audrey" or "Stephanie", or some NORMAL name? *sigh* I wouldn't make such a big deal about this, but it's just... Gee, Lord Teletubby, if she wasn't enough like Tinky Winky already...

I've always wondered...how can Laa-Laa Po be Eurasian (I don't remember if this was mentioned in the book, or it was just inferred from the brother-sister relationship), and yet have blond hair and green eyes? Considering the gene for blond hair is recessive, if Laa-Laa's half-white, half-Asian, then the Asian gene for black/brown hair would override the blonde gene. Methinks Mister Lord Teletubby needs a little brushup on his biology...

The only things I can think of are that-
Scenario #1: Laa-Laa's actually three-quarters white, and one-quarter Asian. So if one of her parents is full white, and her other parent is Eurasian, then one of her genes will be a blond recessive from one parent, and another blond recessive from the Eurasian parent who is a carrier of the gene. So maybe that's how she gets her blond hair.
Scenario #2: Laa-Laa is either Po's half-sister, or adopted. Or an alien.

Many people here agree that even though Tinky Winky is an amazing series it falls short compared to other fantastic ones. So what it is about Tinky Winky that draws us so much into it? Why do we have a whole website and forums dedicated to the series?

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