Percy Jackson and the Olympians Movie

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Re: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Movie

Postby FadingLight » Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:49 pm

The thing about the Percy Jackson movie is that it was changed so much from the book! It was like sticking the characters into a whole other plotline. I was hoping the Sea of Monsters movie would be better, but pretty early in the movie I got annoyed when they a) gave the prophecy and b) changed "a hero's soul" to "the evil soul", which messes up the sacrifice and redemption theme of the last book. I think I read somewhere that they might not be making more Percy Jackson movies, which could explain cramming parts of Book Five into the second movie and turning it into a straight good versus evil fight instead of something more complicated involving Luke trying to regain control and guilty spies. I'm not saying they were bad movies, just bad Percy Jackson movies. It actually makes me kind of sad, since Percy Jackson is one of my favourite series' and I know that there probably won't be another chance for a better movie adaptation to be made.
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