Admit it. You had a crush on a cartoon character.

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Re: Admit it. You had a crush on a cartoon character.

Postby artytwin » Sat Jun 25, 2016 3:51 pm


*gasps harder* LEVIIII :loveeyes: :loveeyes:

I am well known on campus for my obsession with "2D characters". Most of them are anime characters though. Levi, Kakashi-sensei from naruto, Gaara from naruto, naruto from naruto, basically every male character in naruto, sebastian from kuroshitsuji, even ciel from kuroshitsuji, L from deathnote, Rin and Yukio from Ao no Exorcist, Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, and so on...
I cannot even describe my love for Hiccup!!! And Dimitri in Anastasia too!

My list is just too long I'm going to shutup now before I start this never-ending list and end up breaking the site or something

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Re: Admit it. You had a crush on a cartoon character.

Postby Merv Simestra » Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:11 am

I know I posted in this topic before, but apparently my post was lost to time so... time to revisit the old crushes!

Old crushes:
1. Matt from Cyberchase (childhood crush; I don't really like admitting this one)

2. Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler (not gonna bother with pictures since he's pretty recognizable)

3. Lelouch vi Brittania from Code Geass
I don't think this guy needs an introduction
4. Zelman Clock from Black Blood Brothers
800+ year old vampire who can light things on fire with his eyes.
Current crushes/crushes that I haven't really gotten over yet:
1. Neuro from Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
Bird demon. Not gonna explain this one.
2. Xerxes Break/Kevin Legnard from Pandora Hearts
Precious, sweets-obsessed, old-guy-in-a-young-body, albino. Also fiercely loyal and carries a puppet with him everywhere. Basically, a goofball.
3. Jaeha from Yona of the Dawn
Flirty green-haired dragon warrior with a sad backstory and a habit of teasing his friends. Kind of needs a hug.
4. Shin-ah from Yona of the Dawn
Precious blue-haired dragon warrior with a squirrel companion, a tragic backstory, and a heart of gold. Also my current avatar. The need to hug this child is strong.
I know I had more listed back when I posted years ago, but I can't remember most of them, so derp. :P
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