Non-AF fanfic recommendations?

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Non-AF fanfic recommendations?

Postby GMontag » Sat Jul 25, 2015 3:20 am

So it seems like AF fanfics are coming in at a much slower pace nowadays, so I was wondering if people had any recommendations for non-AF fanfics (I guess I'm focusing a bit on, because that's what I'm familiar with, but any other sites are welcome too!). I'm currently particularly interested in Harry Potter stories where Luna plays a big role, because I've always found her entertaining, and I'd like to see some more character development done for her.

Anyway, I'll start off by recommending literally any by DigiFruit (Naruto, Harry Potter, and Evangelion fandoms), but especially Do You Remember Love in the Naruto fandom (a ONE-SHOT with > 600 reviews 0.0).

I wouldn't normally give a blanket recommendation for an author, and I rarely read short stories, but this guy is just incredible (I seem to remember from somewhere that DigiFruit is a guy...). It's really sad that he doesn't write anymore, because I'd pay good money to keep him around as an author. I have cried over maybe three stories in my life, and Do You Remember Love was one of them.

His stories don't feel quite like the fandoms that they came from, as they're typically slightly (if not entirely) AU, but his characters often feel much more real to me than their canon counterparts, and his work just generally feels like very carefully constructed pieces of art rather than a typical short story or even a novel.

Fair warning though: some of his stories will stab you in the heart when you least expect it, but still make you wish there was more. And weirdly enough, some of them actually make me want to be a better person... how many stories (much less fanfics) can you say that for?

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Re: Non-AF fanfic recommendations?

Postby FadingLight » Sat Jul 25, 2015 6:14 pm

TvTropes is useful for fanfic recommendations. ... arryPotter

For Luna, there might be something on the Day in the Limelight page.

Also, I reccomend the following authours for Percy Jackson fanfics:

And my two favourite stories: ... d-Alliance
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Re: Non-AF fanfic recommendations?

Postby Minervalover » Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:38 pm

i have a few good HP fanfiction that i have read(idk if u find it good but i do)(yes they mostly have romance cuz i like a little bit of fluff thank u "name" for introducing me to these without u i would have never seen the beauty of these fanfictions)

Who Knew

Of Quills and Serpents(there is a sequel) ... d-Serpents

there are more but i don't feel like looking for them someday I'll post them

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Re: Non-AF fanfic recommendations?

Postby Rocket Axxonu » Mon Jul 27, 2015 10:09 pm

They are indeed coming in at a slower pace...same with AF stuff on deviantArt. The AF fandom's been a little slow everywhere. X3 (We need that movie!)

I haven't read too much non-AF fanfiction in a long while (might take a look at some of these, but I really need to do some rereading of things to refresh my memory, hehe). But, going on memory from years ago...

I'm not sure if anyone here likes Yugioh, but one of my favorite fanfictions I ever read (and had a profound impact on my early writing) was The New Students (, by White Angel Chan. It's a Yugioh-Harry Potter crossover that I started reading before I'd actually read Harry Potter, and the characters of both series are incredibly well done. (Note that I haven't read this fanfiction in probably ten years, but I don't doubt that it's probably better than what I was able to pick up on at the time. Though it seems clear that the story isn't ever going to be finished, as it hasn't been updated in about six years...)

The other one my sister and I found several years back and read a large portion of together is a Naruto fanfiction called Team 8 ( by S'TarKan. It's an alternate timeline where Naruto is placed on Team 8 instead of Team 7 (along with Hinata and Shino), and the story progresses from there. I'm pretty sure my sister and I only read up through chapter 10 or so (my dear sister grew up and doesn't read fanfiction anymore...), but the understanding of the characters and Naruto world, and the way more minor characters such as Shino and Kurenai are fleshed out, is phenomenal. I'd have probably read more of it already, except I really need to watch and/or read the Naruto series again and remind myself of the characters and what's going on... (This fanfiction has an incredible 14,000+ reviews, as of July 2015.)

Oh, and for any Haruhi Suzumiya fans out there, Meet the Suzumiyas by JonBob0008 ( ... -Suzumiyas) is a pretty amazing piece of work, with such a similar feel to the original light novel series (the jokes and sarcasm, not to mention Haruhi's outrageous eccentricity) that I almost regard this fic as canon. (There's also an unfinished sequel to this story, but I didn't read that one.)
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