Paste the Last Thing You Copied (Restarted)

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Paste the Last Thing You Copied (Restarted)

Postby Athena32 » Sat Oct 31, 2015 2:39 am

This is a thread that was deleted and never restarted, so I decided that it would be a fun thing to try. The premise is that you post the last thing you copied, as the title implies. If the last thing you copied is insanely long, you should probably edit it down/delete a few paragraphs. I'll demonstrate:
Heat Resistance
   To combat the intense heat in the center of the earth, that can get up to about 5000 C, we chose to use Silica Fiber tiles. The same material used for space shuttles, it can withstand temperatures over 9982 C, way over the required temperature. These tiles get their incredible heat resistance from Silica’s ability to transport heat slowly. On space shuttles, the tiles keep the Aluminum skin at 350 C. The tiles are custom made, and since the aluminum expands slightly under the heat, the tiles are glued to a felt like material that is then glued to the aluminum. On some places that have to withstand more heat (like the nose and belly of the shuttle), a coating of black glass is used to reflect the heat ( about 90% is reflected). The entire shuttle will be covered in these tiles and a black glass coating.

   The pressure at the center of the earth is about 330 GPa (47862453.5 PSI). That amount of pressure is scientifically impossible to withstand with any materials known of today, but for the sake of this project, lets pretend. To withstand the pressure (theoretically), we will reinforce the shuttle with I-beams made from Nickel based superalloy, a super strong material that is used in turbine engines for jets. The metal has a certain amount of heat resistance, but since it will be covered with silica tiles, we don't need to worry about that.

Experiments that Will be Performed
   While traveling to the center of the earth, we must take advantage of the extreme environments. Plus, you can only watch so many Babylon 5 movies before they start to get really old. To pass the time (4.5 months), we will conduct a series of experiments, the first being with carbon and the formation or Diamonds. Diamonds take about 1-3.3 billion years to form, so we can't make our own, but we can study what the extreme pressure and heat does to the carbon. A little tray filled with pure carbon will be attached to the robotic arm that will go out as soon as the shuttle hits the 140 km mark in the mantle, and will stay out until the shuttle hits the 190 km mark, still in the mantle.
   The second experiment that will be performed will study how the human body reacts to the extreme gravity. we will test how much effort it takes for the human body to pump blood through the veins and compare it to the effort it takes on the surface.

How did that get there? I haven't worked on that paper for months!
(I can't believe I actually wrote that bit about the Babylon 5 movies! It seems so juvenile now.)
I'm fine, seeing as you asked.-Foaly
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