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[1.0.0] AFC Book Club (PROJECT: NYA)

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Postby Diana » Sat Dec 02, 2006 9:39 pm

This is the draft of the announcement for Jangra and myself to edit.

The announcement all you book lovers have been waiting for...

The AFC Book Club!
Inspired by arty_gal's idea for a book group
Hosted by Diana and Jangrafess

Yes, that's right – Artemis Fowl Confidential now has its very own book club for forum members! Sign up in this thread if you're interested! To find out exactly what this is all about, read below...

What is this "book club" thing, anyway?
An opportunity to get our collective heads together to talk about a book that we've all read and review it as a whole. Who knows? We might just uncover a hidden gem.

How will we discuss the books?
The book club will have a monthly cycle: at the beginning of the month, the new book will be announced in a book thread. Then members will begin reading the book. A discussion thread, with a spoiler tag for the entire topic, will be posted and people who have finished the book can begin to contribute, posting their opinions, thoughts, and questions. Near the end of the month, the next book will be announced, and the circle goes on.

What sort of books do we choose, and how?
We won't choose mainstream books of any sort, or any book from a series. Our main priority in selection is to choose books that most AFCers will not yet have read. We won't pick brand-new books, as members in some countries may not be able to get copies of recently released books in time for discussion. Book selection will be solely lesser-known books that we can read as a one-off and enjoy. Members post suggestions, and we'll decide on one to read.

I don't know if I can read all these books... Can I still be in it?
Certainly! We'd rather have you posting sometimes than not at all.

How do I get ahold of the books?
Many ways, begging from parents? Library? If you don't have a library card, just ask your parents - they'll probably be happy to get you one.

So how do I join?
Just post in this thread saying you're interested!

This just about sums it up. If you're confused about any of what's been addressed here, feel free to ask. As this project is still in development, there is a thread for suggestions and improvements on the club's structure - feel free to post there as well, and we moderators will take your comments into consideration.

So, if you'd like to participate, post here! December's book will be announced shortly in a separate thread.
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