Homework- Is it the most useful form of learning??

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Is homework a usefull form of learning.

Yes, It's very usefull
No, It is not needed.
Total votes: 37

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Re: Homework- Is it the most useful form of learning??

Postby La Souris Bleue » Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:07 pm

I left high school last September because of personal reasons, and since then I'm working at home. Personally, I think it suits me better ; in class I used to be bored and wish lessons could go faster, and at home I can have my own rythm of work. But I think that this matter should be taken more seriously by governments ; I don't know how it works exactly in other countries but in France the school system is very harsh with pupils, and if you listen to the teachers you don't really have alternatives : you go to high school and college, otherwise you're doomed to make coffee and live on the street for the rest of your life. When I first mentionned that I wished I could work at home, my teachers reacted like if I told them I was going to become a stripper on Mars, and they kept saying that this is the worst solution ever, that teens who work at home always are lonely and depressive and all kind of floral-patterned bedsheet like that. But that's not true at all ! Working at home is just like all kind of things, including going to school 'normally' : it's not meant for everyone. Some might think it's too hard for them, while others like me just can't go to high school and feel better managing their studies by themselves. In France (I don't want to expand my judgment on other countries since I'm not sure how things work and are elsewhere), this alternative to school is nearly a taboo, and is too often perceived as a bad thing while a lot of students become depressive because of high school and all its stress, awful people and pushing-over-the-limits methods. Of course, I know I've had a bad experience of school, and that a lot of kids and teens are happy to be in school, but actually that's my point : all youngsters should be happy to study, and sometimes that means getting to learn things in a different way than going to school.

I'm sorry I wrote so much about this, and went a little bit off topic there ; but this subject really touches me and I had to let it g... no well no I just wanted to write about it :lick: I hope I was able to make myself understandable for once ^^''
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Re: Homework- Is it the most useful form of learning??

Postby Athena32 » Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:08 pm

I think that homework can be a good thing, but at the same time, I would like it better if it were tailored to what I don't get, instead of what the curriculum writers think I won't get. I hate math homework but love math. I really don't like how they give you problems that are so easy, and then ask you to explain them in a couple different ways, for every problem. If we could have personalized homework based on the problems we get wrong regularly, then the homework would be positive.
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