Haven: Last Century

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Re: Haven: Last Century

Postby ArtemisFowlIV » Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:06 am

i wanna join

Name:Exius Caliber
Height:4' 9"
Weapons:what do you think he is a dwarf+Neutrino 1000
Age:500 year
Ever since i was born i have been laughed at for my human like stature. all though i was pure dwarf i was the height of a human child. i couldnt fit in the mines because my head hit the ceiling, and i didnt want to be a criminal. i decided to join the Lower Elements Police. I hope that this letter will allow my entry.

As i walked into the Academy every one stared at me. i was emmbarresed of my freak height as always and every one was laughing at me. i went straight to my dorm and wanted to fall asleep but couldnt. everywhere i went i was laughed at. even when applying for Koboi Industries. i was a disgrace to all elves and wanted to get the Academy over with and join Traffic. about 5 hours later i finally went to sleep.

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Re: Haven: Last Century

Postby BeckettFoxriverFowl » Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:11 pm

Me Too!
Name: Uruk (U-r-u-k) Code
Nickname: Code Teller
Gender: Male
Species: Centaur Cyborg
Height: 6.7 Feet
Age: 71
Hair: Black
Eyes: dark gray
Items: Laptop, custom gun, knife, custom phone, omnitool, customized laser.
Personality: EVIL and some times nice.

Hi! I'm the new guy! *Go's to the LEP desk* I've been teamed up with Exius Caliber & Holly Short.
Desk Person: Ok *tacks the sign in sheet to the wall* Just sign here: *hands me a sheet of paper*
Me: Ok Thanks! see ya!
Hmmmmm.....I forgot what i was going to say...
What I was going to say Beckett


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