Characters Sheets.

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Characters Sheets.

Postby Kitsy » Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:35 pm

If you have a reoccurring character that you really love playing, post your charri sheet here so others can have a look; they might want you for their role-play, or just to see who everyone's characters are.

Your sheet can either be vague, and so you can adjust your character to fit in with each role-play, or detailed if you specifically want him/her to be the same.

My advice would be to keep it vague, as the same character in every role-play could be come tiresome; so spice them up a little in each role-play, let new relationships form - especially as different situations will shape them differently etc.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby hollyshort_reconjock » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:44 pm

Oooh! A character thread!

Name: Misa Khi
Gender: Female
Species: elf
Height: 3'
Age: depends on RP
Hair: brown and wavy, reaches below her shoulders
Eyes: bright green, they sparkle when she's happy
Items: Beamer, omnitool, cell phone, small pocketknife, always wears thin hemp necklace
Personality: Light and breezy, Misa is a talkative optimist who likes to be the center of attention. She is not the type to give up on something (or someone) and her honest nature makes most people naturally take to her.
Bio: Misa grew up in Atlantis, but was sent to Haven at age twelve when the goblin gangs first started up.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Griffar » Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:04 am

Name: Kevin Griffin Strand
Nickname: Griffar
Species: Elf Human
Age:According to RP
Hair: Brown With blond streaks(usually spiked)
Eyes: Green and sometimes appear to glow
Items:iPod, Poket KNife, Conceled flick knife, Lighter, Gold wrist band
Weopons: According to RP
Clothes:Lowrider jeans, Tshirt, LA baseball hat with flat brim. LEP training gear.
Skills: Combat, Marksman ship, Flying, Handstands.
Personality: Kevin is a fun loving creature, Does anything for a friend and even more for family, Jokes around a lot, Can use his magic to manipulate fire, Pyromaniac but not a fire bug. can create energy like Opal. Can fight and is very srtong for an elf and is probably stronger than many humans.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Axartsme » Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:01 pm

Name: Actire Taphon Maphbok
Gender: Male
Species: Pixie
Height: 1'4
Age: 18
Looks: Actire has short spiky white hair, unknown eye color (he wears contacts that he never takes off), he wears long Levi', a T-shirt that says "D'arvit, the idiot read my shirt!", and combat boots.
Items: A 33 mm Bic lighter, two poisoned shortsword, a magic bestiary that scans the enemy for future fights, and a spiked longswords, also coated with poison.
Personality: He has seven different personalities, all unknown.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby musicman1135 » Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:19 am

My character:

Name: Andy Mitchell
Age: Varies on RP.
Species: Elf with some pixie.
Hair: Dark brown, wavyish.
Eyes: Dark green, they almost glow.
Items: Ipod, cell phone, omnitool, lighter.
Weapons: According to RP.
Clothes: Jeans, tshirt, backwards baseball hat, black jacket, and skater shoes.
Skills: Combat, marksman ship, flexiblality, running.
Personality: Very sarcastic, and enjoys messing with people, but on the other hand is very caring and really just wants to help people. (And depending on some RP's he is and exconvict so he sometimes is having a constant battle between light and dark.) He's pretty strong willed and stubborn.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby artemis'bff<333 » Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:32 am

Name: Tarek Stonure
Species: human-like pixie
Hair: white Long-spiked with black streaks
Eyes: dark purple
Items: Cell phone, iTOUCH, and skateboard, and pepper spray
Clothes: Tight jeans held by a black and white checkered shoelace, white hat(straight brimmed too, Vans), baggy shirt
Weapons:Frisha x7
Skills: Strength, attack, magic, aim, and attracting girls..err rather flirting with them..
Personality: Fun character. Always joking. Loves making friends. Loves skateboarding. Is loyal and confident to his authorities. SOmehow is expert at leadership. Never lies to his commander, tho I doubt he hasn't to others.
Contact: His cell phone, Itouch, or parents (if ABSOLUTELY essential...)
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby hollyshort_reconjock » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:47 pm

I sort of felt compelled to post this temporary character in the character thread, just or reference.

Name: Ryder [Council Member]
Gender: Male
Age: fairy equivalent of 32
Friends: doesn't have many true friends due to manipulative nature
Definitive Trait: Uses uncanny ability of persuasion to win people over and use them. Is not very popular among honorable LEP officers.
Position in Council: high-ranking, but pretty much stole the position using "persuasion"

And who knows, I might just use him again sometime. :>

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby FoalysGirl » Tue May 26, 2009 9:49 pm

Name: Jessie
Species: Elf
Age: 19
Hair: Auburn hair that's boy length.
Eyes: Brown with a hint of green in the middle.
Items: Omni-tool, phone, laser pointer
Clothes: She normally wears the normal LEP jumpsuit with it wrapped around her waist, she also wears a white tanktop, large brown hiking boots and a tin-foil hat.
Weapons: None
Skills: She can invent anything and can hack into any computer as well as monitoring the computers.
Personality: Jessie is usually bubbly and kind. She sticks up for all of her friends but that often gets her in trouble with the enemies. Her sarcastic remarks also gets her in trouble with Commander Kelp and other officials. The only one who can stand her is Foaly and sometimes Holly. Also because of Foaly she's paranoid, therefore she wears a tin foil hat.

Council Member (Just so you know I totally blanked on that.)

Name: Juno
Age: 679
Gender: Female
Friends: The entire council.
Magic: Yes
Position: Council secretary.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Artimis look-alike » Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:18 am

Name: PJ Cloudviper
Nickname: "Arty 2" or "Archives"
Species: Fairy
Age: Depends
Hair: Black (Artemis like)
Eyes: Light blue
Items: Always a towel, but other wise it varies
Weopons: According to RP
Clothes: Dark Blue Jeans and a t-shirt for casual, On missions light weight LEP suit
Skills: Brilliant Tactician, Amazing Dancer, and Combat, Very good at hearing
Personality: PJ is a laid-back LEP officer. Despite this he is fascinated with humans and dimensional rifts. He often sneaks off to go to a human movie theater and watch what humans call entertainment. He is usually scolded afterwards by his superiors but always manages to talk his way out of it. He also loves to study dimensional rifts in space and time as a hobby and earned the reputation as "Archives". He also has a striking resemblance to the human Artemis Fowl, hence his other nickname as "Arty 2".
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby hollyshort_reconjock » Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:44 pm

Name: Daniel Sparr
Nickname: Dan or Danny
Gender: male
Species: Elf
Origin: unknown
Age: fairy equivalent of 22
Height: 3 feet, 5 inches
Clothing: loose black tunic, black leggings, black leather boots, belt and sheath, occasionally a mask to hide his face
Appearance: dark brown (almost black) hair that is slightly overgrown, blue eyes, tall for a fairy, slight but strong, light skin with a bit of a tan, long scar that runs across his back from his right shoulder to his left hip
Personality: Dan is quiet and unassuming, and doesn’t look like much, but he possesses many extraordinary talents. He does not bend his personality to make people like him –- Dan is himself, and he knows that some people may like him and some may not, and is okay with that. He doesn’t care much what others think of him, just as long as he knows the truth about who he is. His most defining character trait is quiet honesty.
Talents/Skills: Dan is the fastest fairy in the force, but not very good with a gun. He prefers using a sakabato (reverse-blade sword) to injure, not kill. Because of his poor aim which usually ends up in harmed fairies instead of humans, the fairy commanders allowed Dan to battle with his sword, of which he is a master. Dan uses a fencing method all his own, which earns him the awe and grudging respect of many of his friends and enemies. Because of his speed, he can actually deflect bullets with his blade and perform complicated combat katas while fighting. Aside from his sword, Dan also studied goju ryu (the “hard and soft” dragon method), a form of human martial arts that he advertises with his dragon-fang necklace.
Items/Weapons: sakabato sword belted to hip, throwing knives in each boot, a leather necklace with a dragon fang
Bio: Not much is known about Dan’s childhood, or even about his family. He was found curled in a crater in a disused magma chute near Haven City, badly injured. He was brought to Taillte for treatment, seventeen years old, by which time he could already do combat flawlessly. No one knows where he learned his self-defense or fencing methods.

Name: Melodi Truman
Species: human
Gender: female
Origin: England
Age: 19
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
Clothing: men’s pants, tunic, jacket, thick-soled boots
Appearance: Because Melodi is an albino, she has very pale skin, lank hair that is so blonde it looks white, and pinkish eyes that make her look a bit crazed in bright light. She is very in-shape, but not particularly strong or anything.
Personality: Melodi is a big klutz, and due to her constant reading she has an extensive vocabulary. She is very antisocial and does not have good people skills –- her mouth moves when she thinks, and many people avoid her because they think she is rude and obnoxious. She has almost no friends.
Talents/Skills: Melodi is an archer, but has severe “aim swings.” She is either a killer sharpshooter or a blatant arrow-waster. Never in between. Her greatest skill is stealth. She has no problem being quiet because she gets so much practice in her everyday life. Melodi is also a master at keeping still. She knows that sometimes, even when an enemy is looking right at you, most of the time they cannot see you unless you move. Keeping absolutely still and silent is her specialty.
Items/Weapons: recurve bow, full quiver, small and very old sketchbook that once belonged to her father
Bio: Melodi grew up in England, the youngest of three children. Her mother was a vain, beautiful woman, and her father was a quiet scientist. Melodi’s mother hated her from birth because she was an albino. Her father favored her above his other children because she was so smart. Melodi was taunted by her two older siblings, both of whom were healthy and beautiful, and by the children who went to school with her. Her parents fought about her regularly, and finally her mother took her first two children and left. Melodi never saw any of them again.
Her father taught Melodi about science, and also told her a secret: he was studying the cause of a disease without a cure. If he found the cure, he would become famous and they would have more money. But in the course of his research, her father died, infected with the very disease he had been studying. Melodi was sixteen and orphaned. That was when she offered her intelligence to the warriors, who tossed her into training as an archer and put her in the front lines of battle. How she survived this long is a mystery.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Shadow-Walker » Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:53 pm

Name: Mizuru Blazen
Nickname: Mizu, (and if your lucky enough, wich hardly anyone is usually her brother)Kitten
Age: 16
Speicies: Weare-cat/Elf
Ocupation: On a mission
Apearance: She is a olive skinned girl with raging brownish amber eyes, black hair, and a lopsided grin that seems stuck. At 5ft. 1in. she is rather short for her age because of the elf blood but she still can tower over an elf...a human on the other hand not so much(A weare-cat would usually be around 6ft. and 5ft. 8-9in. for females). She always wears jeans kapris and a tank top with a belt slung diagonaly around her waist. Most of the time her waist length hair is up in a high pony tail, but on some occations she will leave it down.
Personality: This spunky, out of wack girl is always up to some kind of mischif. If she smirks, RUN or you will most likly be covered in something nasty. If she doesn't like you your done for, but if she likes you she will protect you with her life. She is a very loyal friend and is sweet in general(if not pulling a prank).
Skills: Stalking, running, pulling pranks, traps, lanuages
Magic: Yes, Weare magic, slight elf magic(not a whole lot at all though)
Wepons: Knife, hand to hand combat, pranks
Items on person: Ipod, I-touch, acorn, silver claw on a choker, food, items for pranks :shiny:
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby faedra » Sun Jul 05, 2009 7:43 pm

Name: Lunarie Lathalos ath Laralemenos lo Nagarythe (long winded but thats the royal bloodline for you)
Nickname: luna
Age: depends on RP
Species: High Elf
Occupation: None, but that can change depending on RP (used to be an elven princess, but theres no royal bllood line anymore)
Apperence: Human height (taller than average, 6ft), pail skin and jade green eyes, pointed ears, very slender, long waist length hair thats white blonde
Personality: gentle and kind, cares and sees the good in everyone. Soft spoken but strong willed
Skills: not very physically skilled, but better at magic
Magic:Siren song, gift of tongues, shared intellegence, telepathy, slight elemental
Weapons: none
Items on person: depends on RP i guess

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Adrian » Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:33 pm

Ill do this, as long as nobody minds a second Teenage Brain-Enlarged Maniac Running Around.

Name: Adrian Eracto
Race: Human
Items: Cellphone. 45. Pistol (For Self Defense Only). Laptop Computer. Ipod Touch. And a Case of several different Burglary Tools.
Bio: Although Adrian is like Artemis Fowl in ways, they also have their differences. Adrian was not born into an already wealthy family. In fact, he doesn't even know his family. He was raised in an orphanage in London. He doesnt care for anyone but himself, and guides his life strictly through buisness. He has made enough money creating gadgets and gizmos (Most would be illegal) and selling them through various black markets in various countries.
Location: His mansion home located in southern Egypt.
Attitude: Doesn't care for anyone but himself. Gives everything thought before acting. He can also be deceptive.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Cat Moon » Thu Jul 23, 2009 5:49 pm

Name: Andrew 'Dagger' Benven

Age: 21

Race: Elf

Family: Both parents are now dead, having been wiped out by the spelltropy incident. His elder sister, Opal Koboi, has no knowledge of his existence - she renounced her family a year before his birth. Her parents quietly forgot her and Thea Benven disappeared. Several months later, Opal Koboi, complete with new father and historical background (made up), started making waves. Opal would never admit to anyone that this background is false. Andrew has no knowledge that she is his sister.

Clothing: Always wears black, and prefers to dress in the human medaevil style - although he does not object to wings or modern technology - except guns.

Background Info: He took the entire Recon test and passed with flying colours, but having started Recon and been sent on one mission to chase a sprite who left his sandwiches on the surface he realised he could do more good out of the LEP. Stole some of the latest equipment and quietly disappeared below public radar. Although he did not change his name, he was totally forgotten. Part of a secret organisation within the fairy community. It doesn't have a name because 'that would make us easier to track'. Made up of just four members, they include Theron 'Dirk' Genfer, an assassin sprite, Mervin 'Rapier' Karten, centaur tech support (not as clever as Foaly, but does a good job of pretending to be), and Loren 'Broadsword' Saldum, back-up and about as subtle as a rock to the head. Andrew is the leader and combat brains of the operation.

Appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, and taller than most fairies.

Personality: Pretends to be ruthless and arrogant, but not as bad as he makes out to be. Maintains a persona of complete and utter scatterbrained jerk to all except his team. Will do pretty much anything for his team. The voice no-one knows about which keeps all the elections from being sabotaged, the elctricity running, and deals with the criminal masterminds which Police Plaza, Section 8, Artemis Fowl and Haven in general aren't privy to. Might be considered as 'geeky'. Scatter-brained, except for his plans, a technophobe. Quite naive - if someone isn't overtly evil, he can't believe that they are. Not above the occasional quiet assassination, however. Strong sense of right and wrong, and Theron usually has to stop him charging headlong into a confrontation. Quite different to his family, as he is not the type to quietly accept misdoings. Very intelligent

Skills: Making a plan, magic, long-range marksmanship (he's called Dagger for a reason), fighting with the blade, karate, the physical area, all elements of the LEP training course, except gunmanship.

Magic: General fairy stuff, and one other thing - he has complete control over fire

Weaknesses: Ice/water can completely disable him, technology confuses him completely, gunmanship, believing someone is evil - too naive, unless they act directly

Items on person: Too scatterbrained to have anything useful on him, except for at least six daggers of various make and size.

NB. I am willing to write as the whole team or as Andrew alone with just quick scenes with his team. Can fit in as behind the scenes op. in most RPs.

Frond, making up characters is fun!I have a feeling doing roleplays with them will be better, however...
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Dallie » Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:59 pm

OK, I'm new, but I've been doing RPing for a long time.

Name: Dallie Goluntri
Sex: Female
Age: 13
Species: Human
Height: 4'7 (Some say she was born a dwarf)
Looks: White hair straight cut down to shoulders, 24-carat golden hoop earrings, and a black beret. Piercing yellow eyes. She wears a long-sleeved turtle-neck red shirt with white gloves (She's a neat-freak) with long leather baggy black pants. She wears white knee-high boots. She wears what look like reading glasses.
Status: Playing video games
Quote: "My idiotic attitude is just to distract you from how serious I am."
Personality: Quiet, sensitive.
Skills: Kung-fu, Karate.
Bio:Raised by her father, Lucas Goluntri, a scientist.
Mother died at age 4.
A very smart girl, has hand-painted pictures of Artemis Fowl on her bedroom wall.
She is secretly in love with Artemis.
Her father is in suspended animation, meaning Dallie is living alone in a large mansion, except for her friend, Butler.

Dang, I just noticed there are only two humans in this whole thing!
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