Characters Sheets.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby bluesunrise » Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:51 am

Name: Isabel Fowl
Species: Half human/half elf
Height: 5'4"
Who: She is the daughter of Artemis's Senior's long lost brother and an elf.
Skills: The only magic she can perform are the Mesmer and small healings. She can fence and is an expert at archery. She's also an incredible artist.
Appearance: She inherited her father's black hair and fair skin along with her mother's pointed ears, which she always keep hidden, and emerald green eyes.
Personality: Like her cousin Artemis, she's pretty much a loner. She keeps things to herself. She doesn't make friends easily, but she's very loyal to the ones she has. Once she opens up, she's very friendly and playful.

Name: Shane Brighton
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Species: Human
Height: 6'2"
Who: The rebellious son of a successful New York business man.
Skills: He knows everything about cars and computers. He also knows how to hold his own in a fight.
Appearance: Good looking young man with auburn hair and deep gray eyes.
Personality: Doesn't do well with authority. He's very independent. He is always looked to have "a good time"
Notes: He's in love with Juliet. He can be either a hero or a villain.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Leryna » Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:20 am

Name: Captain Leryna
Gender: female
Species: Pixie/Goblin
Height: 3'
Age: 97
Hair: Brown hair, fringe, wavy, one and a half inches past her shoulders, layered
Eyes: yellow with slits for pupils, no whites.
Other: fair skin, forked tongue, sharp pointy teeth, quite pretty, she looks more like a pixie. Leryna has the ability to cunjure fireballs.
Personality: funny, but can be serious, intelligent, likes fire, deadly combination.
History: Leryna's parents, are, an unusual pair. Her father, a Goblin, is a criminal and is locked up in Howlers Peak. And her mother is, obvously a Pixie, but she died ages ago. Leryna doesn't realy care about her parents, she cares about herself and, her secret crush, which she tells know one. She also has a twin brother, who, lets say, didn't aquire his sisters good looks. Leryna is a member of LEPretreival.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Sabrina Short » Sat Oct 03, 2009 4:11 pm

My character is Hollys Sister(:

Name: Brina Short
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Height: 3 ft
Age: around 30
Hair: Auburn goes to her shoulders kinda curly
Eyes: Hazel
Personality: Sometimes doesn't follow rules (Like someone we know...), Gymnast, Despises Mud people, like making friends, long-time supporter of Holly!
Skills: Holly teaches her how to shoot the Nuetrino 2000/3000 and teaches her how to fly a shuttle (not exactly legal... i know)
Bio: Brina wants to be in LEPrecon when she gets older, she loved her parents but they are both dead, so she is pretty much a loner when Holly isn't around. She loves her family, but wishes she was above ground where they deserve to be, and is in love with another elf.
Brina always follows her heart so she is not good or bad.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Tainted One » Tue Oct 13, 2009 12:16 am

Name: Jacob Belanger or known to the interpol as Diablo
Gender: Male
Species: Namuh [Explain in Bio]
Height: 5.3'
Age: 16
Hair: BLond, and curly.
Eyes: black, no iris colour, white pupil
Items: A device that closly resembles the fairy omni tool, a Gun recently desighed by him, The Glock A3, this baby has a clip size of 18, and shoots shot gun shell's, up to 50 meter's until it is useless
Personality: Dark and is 13 IQ points lower then Artemis Fowl
Bio: Jacob is a unique person, actually one out of two people that suffer from this condition. The DNA when he was born some how was mutated causeing him to be almost the opposite of Human, there fore, his species is Human spelled backwards. He breaths out oxygen and require's Carbon Dioxide to breath. He still has some human feature's so he does eat food and gets rid of waste the same way. But he taste's diffrently, and see's the night almost as good as day and the day as night.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Chemical-Rayne » Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:56 am

Name: Mystery Voguel
Nickname: Missy
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 4’9”
Species: Human-Elf crossbreed
Eyes: Golden-brown
Hair: Wild, shoulder-length, curly, wheat-blond
Items: Shoulder bag which houses her notebook and drawing pad, cell phone, pencil (usually tucked behind her ear, mother’s wedding ring on a chain around her neck.
Clothes: Short, white summer dress with metallic beading up the side, knee-length black-and-white-striped socks, steel-toed Doc Martins, countless plastic support bangles on her wrists, black emo-glasses, black leather fingerless gloves.
Weapons: Her only weapon is her human father’s old hunting knife strapped to her right boot.
Skills: Fairly talented artist and writer, good at fighting with brute strength (due to five older brothers), small amount of magic that she can use for the Gift of Tongues, minor healings, and she can mesmer only weak and stupid people.
Personality: Tends to be quiet and shy around people she doesn’t know, however, if you get on her bad side, beware. She can and WILL sock you in the nose. Very protective of her friends, but often she hides behind them because she freezes with fear. Taller than most fairies but shorter than most humans, she is very uncomfortable in her own skin, causing her to constantly fidgit.
Story: Her father had five sons with a human woman before she was born, but after their mother left, decided to fall in love again, only this time it was with a beautiful Wood-elf. Her mother decided to get surgery to remain among the mud-men and portray herself as a human. After a angry citizen with moral problems against her parents’ relationship set the house on fire that killed her parents, Missy was separated from her brothers to go live in Haven with her grandmother, Agatha Cornweller. She sends Missy to a school under the surface and tries to re-educate her about the mud-men above ground. Much apposed to her grandmothers’ teachings because she herself is half-human, Missy stays away from home as often as possible and regularly finds ways to visit the human world to mourn her parents and the life she once lived.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby annihilator_of_all » Sat Oct 31, 2009 8:00 am

Name: Tralg'r
Race: Troll
Age: depends on RP
Gender: Male
Weapons: Claws and teeth, occasionally he'll pick something up and throw it, or if there's a really big gun available, he'll use that.
Abilities: Heightened intelligenge, the equivalent of a grown elf's; has no magic, except to speak in tongues.
Personality: Angry at the world in general, his temper is as short-fused as a stick of dynamite and twice as explosive, which can make it difficult to live a life higher than that of a normal troll.
Bio: A while back Opal Koboi was experimenting with intelligence-boosting formulas in a place so remote, no one even knew it existed. Of course, if it's that remote, you're going to get the odd troll wandering through there… Tralg'r, after drinking Opal's entire stock (quite by accident, of course, though Opal barely escaped with her life), eventually became a bounty hunter living at the outskirts of Haven. He feels no particular bloodlust towards any species, though he will eat anything that opposes him without hesitation. He has only 3 friends, two of them are trolls, the other is an elf who, at this time, wishes to remain anonymous.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Arty1995 » Tue Dec 01, 2009 1:07 pm

Name: Danny
Age: 43
Species: Elf
Hair: Short and black, spiked back.
Eyes: Hazel brown.
Items: omnitool (stolen)
Weapons: Neuro Blaster (stolen)
Clothes: Black leather gloves, bright red fancy sunglasses, Black leather jacket, grey t-shirt, black track-pants and shoes.
Skills: High Endurance and Stanima, Excellent Gunslinger. (Good with pistols/Revolvers/Neuro Blasters)
Personality: Mysterious but can still crack a good joke. Likes stealing stuff at the same time doing a good deed.
Background: Danny loves stealing, but wants a taste of "being the good guy" for once.

OOC Note: This is my first post as you can see, i'd like to get straight into RP'ing. I've read the rules.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby wolf106 » Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:27 am

mine would be

NAME= James O'neil
GENDER= male
age= 20

Fighting style= about good as a butler could get...
WEOPON=2 red boys pistols and laser sword and lethal red boy sniper,civillian mode is just red boy blaster
HISTORY= assassin in the human and fairy underworld and were abuse at school and fought frequently at schools
and also famous for his falcon eyes,aways help the poor,and crack jokes on those that he loves to annoy.and deadly in assassin mode
specialtys= sword fighting class A sharpshooter, and kill near 5 miles.
EYES= green
CLOTHES= black ops armor in assassin mode,t-shirt black pants with black leather belt and a falcon claw necklace with black boots,with sun glasses in civillian mode
BIO= quiet if around stragers, talkative around freinds, dangerous yet unnoticaable to others.secretive. go do a hit on anyone if the price is right... and can charm the females
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Kelsey Rain (: » Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:08 am

Well, I have two characters. Rain is my older one, but I've adapted to Atlantis :D

Name: Rain
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Location: Haven City
Height: 3"9
Age: 29
Hair: Light brown beach hair
Eyes: Silvery-grey
Skin: Bronze tan
Items: A whole arsenal of guns, a pocket knife, a fairy phone, a wrist locator.
Personality: Stubborn yet outgoing, Rain would be the life of the party. She loves to show off all she's got, from her smooth-talking skills to taking out an enemy force. She loves attention, but doesn't bring it to extremes. She's very naive, and can be rather paranoid, which generally comes in handy. She also loves being filled in with all the gossip. She can make almost anyone laugh with her sarcastic facials.
Bio: Rain was born into the LEP life. Her parents were always eating protein shakes and powerbars, they would drop off Rain at the Gym's daycare area while they worked out, and they always had a new story to tell after a day's work. Rain lived an easy and fortunate life, but once she joined LEP, her life became increasingly harder. Male officers would belittle her because of her extroverted personality and see her as "unprofessional", while the female officers found her quite fascinating. Unfortunately, there are only three other females in LEP's retrieval branch.

Name: Atlantis
Gender: Female
Species: Elf/Human
Location: Hawaii
Height: 4"10
Age: 19
Hair: Shoulder-length, curly and blonde
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Skin: Beige with olive undertones
Items: Fairy laptop, Fairy Bible, Acorn necklace (kept in shirt pocket).
Personality: Atlantis is a peacemaker. She doesn't like to get involved with violence, and likes to sort out situations from an optimistic viewpoint. She is kind and loyal, a truly beautiful soul. She is generally submissive, but will disobey the rules if she feels it is her place to do so. She likes to read and write song lyrics, generally singing along to them. Her magical abilites usually get to her head.
Bio: Atlantis' mother, an elf, died giving birth to her. Atlantis' father, a human, named his child after the city she was born in. Her father was entirely devasted when his lover died, but raised Atlantis despite his depression. Atlantis' father taught her to always love and respect things the way they are, because in the next second, it could be gone forever. Atlantis grew up to be a beautiful, smart young woman. She felt out of place in the human world, being half elf/half human. She has all magical abilites of a fairy, except she cannot shield. Atlantis is currently living in Hawaii, studying the life of plants.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Thistle Vinyáya » Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:46 am

Name: Thistle Vinyáya
Age: 90 (20 in human years)
Gender: Male
Species: Elf
Current Residence: East Bank, Haven
Occupation (if applicable): LEP Special Forces, Captain
Height: 3 3’,
Hair: Facial Features: dark brown eyes, light brown skin
Body: Lean, contortionist
Clothing and accessories: Section 9 Shimmer suit fitted with wings.
Weapon: LEP Battle Rifle, Neutrino Far Shoot
Distinguishing Features: scar on his temple
Personality: Usually, Thistle is very quiet but prone to huge tantrums when asked really stupid questions. Known to take any measure to accomplish his task. He believes he is useless allowing to take many dangers in gunfights.
History: Grew up as the very young brother of Wing Commander Vinyáya. Always slightly resentful for living in her shadow. When he was 50, he got hit in the temple with a glass bottle leaving a permanent scar on his forehead.
Likes: very trigger happy, any type of gun in his hands, flying
Dislikes: stupid questions and questions referring to his sister
Extra: Hopelessly in love with Holly Short
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Millzy » Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:13 am

Haven't actually been in any RPG's yet, but i figure making a charater easier then making my own. Wich I would prob have to do, other wise I'd annoy every one by doing something weird.

Charater Name: Harrison Mint
Nickname: Harry, Hazz
Age: Youge for a Fairy (Later Teens), from 15 up.
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Demon, Half Elf.
Apperence: Sandy blond hair; slightly curled; long but before shoulder length, boofy. Green-Gray Eye's. Slight tan, kinda reddish. Short ,but not tiny, and chunky, but not fat. Wears loose jeans or tracksuit pants, three-quater-sleeved shirt over bullet proof vest, baseball cap and canvas shoes with thick rubber soles and toughth leather inner-lining. Right ear peirced six times up the length of it.
Items: He usally carries around a pair lazer nuckle busters, a sawn-off softnose shotgun, a Neotrino handgun and a large stun baton. Though he can ajust his gear for different RPG's.
Personality: Harry is calm but gets adjetated if things grow "unfair" towards him.He is street smart and can do almost anything needed to survive on the streets. He values being cunning and deseptive, and can trick himself out of heated situations.
History: Harry gorw up with his mum and older brother. He never knew his Elvin dad though he is very much like him. The rest of his family is Demon. He grow up in a poor part of Haven. His family lived in an abanded warehouse. He grow up needing to able to trick others. His brother supported them all until ,when Harry had just gone through a slightly delayed wrap, he was shot rather randomly in a bank by a gang of thugs. It was after this that Harry adopted wepons. Harry apeared to be much like other Imp's ,with very little difference, until his wrap when he showed his Elven heritage. He started his P.I. service for the run down parts of Haven, with his speciality being with gangs. Probaly because of his Father, Harry can use magic, but is still a wrapped Demon.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby ywdawn » Sat Aug 07, 2010 8:02 am

Name:Katie Sparkle
Skin Color:White
Hair Color:Blond
Eye Color:Blue
*Wears somthing like Emily Pearson's Sunflower Uniform in 'Den Brothers'.*
Lives in Downtown Haven(Duh, not real. CREATED BY ME)

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby ywdawn » Sat Aug 07, 2010 8:08 am

Name:Katie Sparkle
Height:Aprx.1 meter\
Wears somthing like a Girl Scout because she is in Fairy Girl Scout(no FGS in the AF books)
Lives in Downtown Haven

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby ywdawn » Sat Aug 07, 2010 8:11 am

That one with the Den Brothers blah blah balh,is a mistake. Plez ignore

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Mizora » Thu Nov 04, 2010 11:12 am

Name: Kuro Tonaki
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair colour: Jet black, elbow length hair with glowing green streaks.
Eye colour: Dark purple with black streaks.
Species: Elf
Story: Yet to be determined.
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