Characters Sheets.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby ywdawn » Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:38 am

(Is artemis's sister)
Name:Lily Fowl
Type:70 percent Human?30 elf
Age:2years behind Artemis
Hair Color:Long ,Blond.
Eyes:Blue.Sky Blue.(or others say baby blue)
Secrets:Lily? keeping secrts? Rubbish!

-is being used. do not copy:), but peps can have the other stuff that i made-

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby bulls » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:29 am

Items: He usally carries around a pair lazer nuckle busters, a sawn-off softnose shotgun, a Neotrino handgun and a large stun baton. Though he can ajust his gear for different RPG's.
Personality: Harry is calm but gets adjetated if things grow "unfair" towards him.He is street smart and can do almost anything needed to survive on the streets. He values being cunning and deseptive, and can trick himself out of heated situations.

Good for him, he knew on how to use different kinds of weapon.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby 15bubbles » Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:04 am

I haven't played in any RPs before but if anyone is interested, I came up with a character.
Name: Jade Atalan
Gender: Girl
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Dark green star on pale green
Weaponry: Syringes with sedatives. A few fatal ones if I'm really in a bind. I try not to kill when possible. A few bottles of toxins, again if necessary. Can't fight too well, but knows some things.
Species: Human if possible, if not, pixie. It'll depend on the RP.
Personality: You'll see if I get there. Slightly quirky though.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Tenzen12 » Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:22 pm

Name: Omar Shaw
Gender: male
Species: human
Height: 1,85 (m)
Age: 19
Hair: black and wavy, short-medium
Eyes: Black
Apperence: Mix of continental and Arabian look, Though he lack any unique traits. Usualy wear suit.
Items: Choke string in hair, ejecting deringer in the left sleeve, custom hand gun with long barrel and using teflon coated projectile.
Bio: Father was irish doctor who worked in one small middle east country. He married here and had son. Both of his parrents died when break out civil war. He become member of child guerila and thanks to his "talent" he become excelent hitman (11 yers old), eventualy he was send to assassinate to local monarch but failed thanks to "Butler" (Domovojs father (65) in active duty). From some reason "Butler" became his benefactor (and destroyed HQ of rebellion in proces). After that he was send to academy of Madame Ko. He tried break Domovoj record but didn't manage it. Still he is first non-Butler with blue diamond on his neck.
Skills Akademy skills, blind spot movement, merging with crowd. He often merge with surounding and guard his client from distance while looking for anyone suspicious.
Personality: shy (except work) don't know how socialise with others, subconsciously avoiding sight of other (it often seems like he just disappeared). Doesn't have empathy and would shoot even people close to him if it was needed (his gun is projected to go through body so he can utilise his strategy protect from distance). He would think it is alright cause he wouldn't do anything permanent to them.

Name: Kolby
Nickname: Hey! You!
Gender: male
Species: Gremlin
Height: 65 (cm)
Age: 15 (in human years)
Fur: Gringer
Eyes: Yelow, Bulge
Apperence: Small, marmoset-like creature with mane.
Items:Tool kit
Friends: Most of technical team.
Enemy:Foaly (he is such dictator to us)
Bio: born to father (gremlin) and mother (gremlin) Work in LEPrecon as technical support.
Personality: mischievous, realy clever for his species, lively and hyperactive.
Skills : spec for this species: Gremlins aren't as inteligent as other but have great (magical) intuition for machines and electronic. Their gift of tongue is expanded to all kind of computer codes. As I said they arent much inteligent but are able tell to computers what they want them to do. Similiary they can work with other machine by pure intuition and can interfere of it's function even without direct acces inside. Don't have mesmer (or ambition of using it). Limited healing ability but good in shielding. Usualy there have to be someone who would have to lead them. Though Kolby is initiative and is able of certain level independence.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby opalkoboi » Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:50 pm

Name: Athena Lukeson
Age: 15
Species: Human
Height: 5' 8"
Hair: Long caramel ponytail
Eyes: Purple
Skin: tanned
Nationality: Scottish.
Occupation: Spy on Fairy people - to unraveal their secrets.
Additional: And airhead. Couldn't add two and two in under five hours. But when it comes to picking up information, she has a special psychic power allowing her to momenterally become the smartest being ever and crack more Fairy information.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby darkshadowpy » Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:58 pm

Form for Joining: My charecter
Name: Sage Fell
Gender: Female
Age: 25 (Equal to 12 years old in human years)
Mix: Father: Human ,Mother: Elf
Description: 4 Feet tall,Short Dark brown-black hair, Celery Green eyes, Pointed ears , though slightly round. Slender, generally frowning or deep in thought.
Charecteristics/ Likes AND dislikes: Loves Flying, building snow forts above (shielded, of course) Sage is unable to use the fairy mesmer, but she can do a little healing and can shield as well as any fairy can. Enjoys reading. Has a husky puppy named Sly. Absolutely positively hates cellphones, as her hearing mutated to be stronger than the normal elf.
Don't copy, but you can add to fanfics. no rps, i use her
AFHS (Artemis/holly) or
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby holly11short » Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:07 am

Name: Evelyn Cain
Gender: Female
Age: 45 (21 in human years) (Can also depend on the RP)
Mix: Father- sprite; Mother- human
Height: 3' 8''
Weight: 78 lbs.
Eyes: Ice blue
Hair: Long and black, straight, with straight-cut bangs in the front. Hair goes to mid-back.
Face: Heart-shaped, with normal-sized cherub lips. Nose is average sized, the end is a button. Ears are rounded.
Skin: Pale, with a green tinge in certain lights.
General Appearance: Thin bone structure, but she is not necesarily thin, nor chubby. She has wings and can fly, but they cannot support her for an extended period of time. She looks very much the human version of a fairy.
Occupation: Depends on the RP
Personality: Very cheerful and devoted. She is an avid explorer of both places and people. She sees things in people that they sometimes don't see in themselves. She has an innate sense of seeing through to how people really are. Smiling is her natural state of being. She doesn't like to fight, but will not hesitate to if it's for her family or friends or what she believes is a righteous cause. Even then, she rarely gets angry enough to physically harm anyone. She empathizes with others almost a bit too much, and so can give great advice. (feel free to expand if you wish, but don't change her personality for it.)
LIkes/Dislikes: Loves the snow, ice, the northern lights. She loves to explore and is very curious. She loves to sing and dance. She has magic and can do what normal fairies do, but she cannot shield very well. Though she supports caring for them, she is very uncomfortable around animals and goes to great lengths not to be too exposed to them. She does not like horror films or haunted houses. She hates pessimism.

I am planning on using her in an RP, but please feel free to message me if you'd like to use her. I'm pretty flexible. :>
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Lord_Blazy » Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:11 pm

Name:Sobe Stole
Age:Depends on RP,but somewhere between 300
Species: Elf
Hair: gold and red,spiked up
Eyes: Golden eyes that shine
Items: omnitool,depends on RP
Weapons: According to RP.But likes Neutrino
Clothes: Jeans, V neck,black jacket, and combat boots
Skills: Combat, marksman ship, flexiblality, running.pilot,tactician,strong,sniper,he's all around really good
Personality: Very sarcastic, and enjoys messing with people.Has humor and is always thinking on how to win. He's pretty strong willed and stubborn.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby Artemis 117 » Tue Jul 26, 2011 2:23 am

Im going to base this person off of my Fanfiction if that is alright.

Name: Kevin Hacker
Species: Human
Hair: Short brown hair, spiked.
Eyes: Green
Items: Always carries a pistol.
Occupation: U.S. army rangers.
Nationality: English American.
Weapons: M4A1, depending on RP, if he was on active duty during the RP, then that weapon. If not, then a Desert eagle that he carries around.
Clothes: Wears military uniform around.
Skills: Sniper, strength, physically active.
Personality: A little paronoid, Flirty, active, and very good since of humor.
Likes: Guns, women, humor, violence, and a good joke.
Bio: Grew up in New york city. His parents were rich and his dad owned a very big buissiness. When he moved out of his parent's house, he decided not to go to the army, and instead play the stock market. Later on his stocks weren't going to well and his parents were well off anymore. His father had to give up and took a job at an office in the world trade center. Kevin and his mom visisted his father while on the job. That also happened to be the day of 9-1-01. Luckily he survived but his parents didn't. Now he decided that he was going to be in the armed forces.
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby faeryenchanter^^ » Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:04 pm

Hey, I haven't played in any RPs before, but this looks really cool, so I'll give it a shot!!!

Name: Gwendolyn Evangeline Persephone Rosavera Sophie Strauss....( or just Gwen for short!)
Age: Timeless!
Species: Valkryie-faery-human
Gender: Female
Eyes: one silver and one green
Hair: Black with silver streaks
Personality: Dangerous, smart( genius) slightly evil, and feminine. A little.

hope you like it!
All that jazz!

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby KuruLesprance » Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:42 pm

First Name: Kuru
Last Name: Lesperance
Age: 12
Species: Female Human
Clothes(Robes, Top etc.): Normally Kuru wears formal thin cotton dresses, mainly the color black and occasionally wears a white dress. Her dresses usually have a button collar around the neck, and usually her dresses have long sleeves. Her dresses have buttons going down the middle of her body, to button-up the dress.
Clothes(Pants, Shoes): Lesperance wears black shorts under her dresses, and for shoes, she wears formal Mary Janes with solid white knee-highs.
Accessories: Kuru accessorizes herself with a solid white ring on her left hand pinky, with dollops of black in the center. She wears smooth edged circle/square glasses, since her glasses must be farsighted. She wears an oddly, black onyx gem necklace around her slim, pale neck.
Hair Style: She has a shag cut with layers that are edgy, along with side-swept bangs to the left.
Hair Color: A bright blonde, white natural highlights.
Height: 5'5
Bone Structure: Thin, not very strong I must say.
Weight: 105 pounds, perfect weight though little scrawny.
Favorite Song: Lilium
Quotes(from Kuru): "Kuru says be quiet, Kuru says she wins, and Kuru says you lose. Haha, oui, I used a game as a reference."
Facial Description: She has a pale, slender normal face with a slender, tiny nose button-like, with blue and purple eyes. Left eye purple, right eye blue. The reason one eye is purple is because she was a premature child with pigmentation malfunctions.
Personality: Lesperance is sometimes egotistical, somber, or optimistic. This mud-girl has bipolar disorder, but as smart as Artemis Fowl, about a couple of brain cells off though. She's usually quiet, therefore she's not much of a chit-chatter. Kuru normally speaks when completely necessary, or in other cases, she'll just nod a "yes" or "no". Lesperance usually takes things seriously, so she's not much of a kid-around nor likes to smile so she usually has a straight face. She usually refers herself to the nickname of "monster", because as a 4-year-old she enjoyed teasing 2 year olds and saying she'll hide in their house and take their money, so they used to call her a "monster" and the fact that she likes to scare people sometimes.
History: Kuru was born in Paris, France. Though, she is an orphan at the moment because her parents gave her up for adoption two weeks after her birth. Her adoptive parents where abusive, and so that lead to Kuru going insane for a short time. She was on the verge of murdering her parents, but she didn't want to go to juvey, so she didn't kill them and instead ran away. She found herself in Haven City after falling in a ditch and going unconsious for two hours. LEP members found her and brought her deeper into the depths of Haven City and in Police Plaza to judge her. Soon, the mud girl was accepted into Haven City, and she established a mansion above ground and lives right near the hole into Haven City. Her mansion is called Lesperance Mansion.
It's one thing when you win, it's another thing when you lose. It's merely comparing two things, I might aswell use a metaphor. ~Kuru

It's fun using figurative language. It helps me prove a point. ~Kuru

Image Kuru Lesperance, 12 year old mud girl.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby American Fairy KP » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:04 am

Name: Kirsten Mustang
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Height: 2'1 still growing
Age: relativly young only about 30 or so a kid
Hair: brown and wavy, reaches just below her shoulders
Eyes: blue. light in the center and grow darker as they move toward the edge they become almost black when she is angry
Items: carries a small laser, a pocket knife, phone, wears a small necklace made of precious fairy gold
Personality: kind, stern, natural leader, she acts like a 12 year old human if anything.
Bio: her parents killed by goblins she was taken in by America's LEPrecon leader and become a LEP oficer at the youngest age ever. She is a captain but isn't always respected but is strong willed and wants to prove herself. she was transferred to Haven from north GA's underground unit recently and isn't really treated fair.

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby ArtemisFowlIV » Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:42 am

Name: Artemis Fowl IV
Nick Name:AFIV (af-iv)
Family: Father:Artemis Fowl III, Mother: Luciana Gertud, Grandfather: Artemis Fowl II, Grandmother: Minerva Paradizo
Height:5' 10"
Appearrance:same as Artemis from the series
Languages:all languages
Moral:More Evil than Opal Koboi, or should i say demented craziness.
Friends: Opal Koboi, Mulch Diggums
Nuetral: Foaly, Holly Short
Enemies:Trouble,Artemis Fowl II, Cesare Root(there should be a son of julius so i made one),Domovoi Butler
Career:head of Fowl Industries,boy genuis,inventor,theif
Bio: since the death of his father, he has been seaking revenge against the fairy race.he became corrupt and nearly brought the fairy race to there doom by revealing them to the earths population.a great war brewed once again and the humans almost won thatnks to him bringing there tech to the same as the fairys. the fairies activated a time stop but he was able to escape by going through when his grandfather was saving the fairy world once again.he allied with Opal Koboi and together they almost got there revenge on the People

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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby BeckettFoxriverFowl » Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:10 pm

Name: Uruk (U-r-u-k) Code
Nickname: Code Teller
Gender: Male
Species: Centaur Cyborg
Height: 6.7 Feet
Age: 71
Hair: Black
Eyes: dark gray
Items: Laptop, custom gun, knife, custom phone, omnitool, customized laser.
Personality:EVIL and some times nice :laughing:
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Re: Characters Sheets.

Postby elf_with_attitude » Thu Aug 23, 2012 6:05 pm

Name: Ebony White
Race: Elf
Occupation:LEP recon
Relatives: big Sister called Pine, little sister called Oak.
Likes: Music, books, aiming guns, flying
Dislikes: the pizza song.
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