[RP] Artemis Fowl: The Quantum Key

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Re: [RP] Artemis Fowl: The Quantum Key

Postby Kitsy » Mon Jun 22, 2009 8:47 pm

This seems to be most OOC posts so heads up, I'll move it to the OOC forum later today or tomorrow. Can you create a new role-play thread here with the plot and all the Character sheets?
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Re: [RP] Artemis Fowl: The Quantum Key

Postby Flamebooker » Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:54 am

Well, considering I obviously acted a bit late, thus loosing access to alot of my favorite characters, I'll post a character sheet for an OC, and I request approval for his.... participation? in this RP thread.

Character Name: Johnathan "Hawkeyes" Sterk
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Elf/Pixie mix (forgive me if i spelled Pixie wrong)
Home region/town: Haven
Languages known*: Gnommish, English, French
Special skills: Extremely good vision and aim, one of the LEP's best emergency snipers.
Magic? (Bold One): Yes/No
Good Guy or Bad Guy or Ambivalent: Good guy
Occupation: LEP Emergency Sniper
Known friends: Trouble, Foaly
Known foes: Holly Short
Objective: Capture Opal, dead or alive.
Special Notes/Comments:
OOC best way to contact player: PM

Character Background/Description: After having been made a Captain in the LEP, Hawkeyes quickly developed an extreme disliking for Holly Short for taking in all of the limelight after her abduction, in which he had saved a Miss Greta Turnip, the face of an extremely large fairy modeling agency, from a gunslinging lunatic. Lately he has resolved most issues with her, but after having been turned down on a requested date, he still holds her in low regards, even though he would still risk his life to save hers, as he would with any other of his trusted friends.
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