~The Hyacinth Protocol~

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Re: ~The Hyacinth Protocol~

Postby chinara » Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:23 pm

"Why have I expected this." Kefko was running with the group of punk fairies, his gaze going over the plaza. Charsi and Sam were cornered, wonderful. What wonderful first impression that would leave of the H.A.A. ...
If one associated them with their organization, that is. But as things stood right now, nobody knew. Nobody suspected. Nobody cared.
"Miss. Please just leave the scene." As he earned skeptic glares from his temporary companions, he helped a young elf with leaving the plaza, then he turned away and spoke into the communicator again. "We will meet at the Spear Fountain in the Business District." He paused. "I apologize that you have to run that far, but in order not to raise any more suspicions... Well. I'll meet you later."

"Great. The best daily routine I've had for years." Evan rolled with his eyes and pointed at Sam with his Neutrino, his lips formed to a thin line. "Don't you dare doing anything."
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Re: ~The Hyacinth Protocol~

Postby Chitiliti » Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:17 pm

Merry smirked and sharply turned a corner, headed towards the very fountain Kefko had just mention.
"Don't worry about me, Mr. Salieri. I could use the exercise, wouldn't you say? I'm getting a little thick around the middle."

She wasn't of course, but she was the kind of person to fish for compliments by insulting herself. She didn't have enough time to pursue the topic any further, so she just hung up and ran for the meeting place. If she knew any better, they weren't going to wait around for Sam and Charsi. They had gotten themselves into that mess, they could get themselves out of it.

She reached the fountain several minutes later and skidded to stop, breathing heavily. She ripped off the chipmunk mask, pulled down her hair and pulled off the ugly sweater. Underneath she was wearing a black tee-shirt that was too big for her- also stolen out of her sister's closet. The discarded clothing went into a nearby rubbish bin and she stood quietly and tapped her foot, waiting for Kefko to arrive.


It seemed Evan had Sam under control, so Syd kept her Neutrino trained on Charsi.
"Jessie, what's the status on the other two?"
Syd was completely unaware that one of the people in this little group was her dear older sister... she also hadn't seen them both run away.

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Re: ~The Hyacinth Protocol~

Postby FoalysGirl » Sun Sep 05, 2010 2:22 pm

Sam gave a laugh at the officer. "You're crazy if you think I'm going to drop my weapon." He pushed Charsi away and stood his ground.

He shot at the officers feet, making sure that they remained away from him and his colleges. He kept his smile as he slipped his hand into his pocket. Sam noticed that Merry was leaving the square. "Now, if you want to keep your miserable lives, I say you remain where you are. If you come any closer, I'll shoot."

Over his communicator he heard Kefko say that they would meet up later. Sam slowly made his way back. "Now, I'll best be on my way." He gave a bow and ran off. Charsi was on her own now.


Jessie circled the square with the cameras. "I see the other two leaving. This isn't going well at all."

Jessie rubbed her temples. She wasn't getting paid enough for this job.
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Re: ~The Hyacinth Protocol~

Postby IzzyTehMuse » Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:44 am

Due to a request from the author of the RPG, I am locking this and the OOC thread. If there is a rekindled desire on part of the author, we can unlock it later.
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