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Recon gone wrong

Posted: Thu May 20, 2010 9:10 pm
by ~Loki~
Name: Ailin Cirrus
Nickname: Ai; Al; Ai-o
Species: Fairy
Age: Elf equivalent of 24
Hair: Mahogany, purple-ish red. Messy
Eyes: Large; bright, bright blue
Gender: Male
Items: Pencil, Ipod
Weapons: Neutrino, fists. Sixth degree black belt in four different fighting styles
Identifying features: One of his ears is torn from an old street fight
Piercings or tattoos: One tattoo, a tribal that stretches from the base of his left shoulder blade to his right hip. Goes across his back. No peircings.
Clothes: White under shirts/tanks. Baggy cargo shorts, canvas sneakers.
Skills: Extremely physical, he’s played and won every sport in the book. He received top marks in all of the physical tests in the LEP training academy. He’s one of the LEP’s best field agents.

Name: Cait Cirrus
Nickname: Cat; Caity; Cay
Species: Fairy
Age: Elf equivalent of 24
Hair: Dark, copper red. Cut short and spiked.
Eyes: Almond shaped; grey blue
Gender: Female
Items: Ipod, extremely large headphones, similar to the ones used by humans in the 90’s
Weapons: Neutrino, knives, shrunken
Identifying features: None
Piercings or tattoos: One tattoo on her lower back, a butterfly. Three ear studs and a bar in her left ear, an eyebrow bar and bars in her hips.
Clothes: T-shirts, tank tops and cargo pants or jeans. Not fond of shorts.
Skills: Very intelligent. A bit of a trouble maker, so she’d good at pranks. Stealthy and lithe, so she’s good at scouting and sneaking around. She has poor stamina however.



When the first explosion hit the hull of the pod, Captain Ailin Cirrus was thrown into a state of mixed anger, shock and immediate action. Grappling for the ship wide microphone, hung just above his bunk, he began yelling, “Blakley! Status report, now! What the hell is going on out there?!” There was a brief, static filled pause on the other end of the line before Blakley’s voice crackled through Ailin’s cabin, “You’d better get to the control cabin, Captain. We’ve got company.” Ailin was already off his bunk, jamming his feet into his flight boots and attempting to wrench his Kevlar-bound flight suit from off of its hook the wall. He succeeded and his hands flew to the small night table next to the bed, finally falling on the belt that held his neatly holstered neutrino. He latched the lightweight belt quickly around his waist, and was launched halfway out the door when Blakley’s voice crackled once again over the intercom.
“Goblins captain. It looks like members of the Denallian gang.”
Ailin’s voice lowered down to a throaty growl, “How many?”
Another static filled pause. Then, “About thirteen.”
The ship was abruptly thrown starboard, another explosion tearing into the heavy titanium-iron exoskeleton of the ship like a knife through butter, undoubtedly tearing into the vital life support and flight mechanisms. With another blast like that, the hull would crack like an eggshell. Ailin tucked his head down to his chest and sprinted out into the hall, avoiding hunks of shrapnel and debris that bombarded him from all sides. He slid into the control room to find Blakley whirring about, careening from one panel to the next, trying to revive and stabilize the ships many automated systems. The look on the first mate’s face told Ailin all he needed to know. They were in trouble—deep trouble.
“What does the damage look like, Blakley?”
Blakley didn’t look up. His eyes were glued to one of the many computer screens, his fingers furiously punching in codes and flicking switches. “Third engine gone, navigation system damaged. Pulsar guns disabled.”
“Life support status?”
Blakley sighed, “Holding.”
Ailin cursed under his breath, “What good is holding? We’re gonna have to alter our course. Get the rest of the damned animals off of our tail.” He slid into the pilot’s chair and began punching in commands. With Blakley here, Ailin’s chances of getting the ship to land to safety were higher than they would be if he was alone. He’d have to think of a place to land. This recon mission was turning into a lot more trouble than it was worth. Ailin focused all of his attention on steering the ship forward, through the tunnels of the underground. The original plan had been to fly up to the surface and recapture an LEP funded experiment, an elf-goblin hybrid grown by the Lower Element Genome Exploration Unit. The small organization of scientists had been set up by the Lower Elements Government to look into the possibility of elf hybrid soldiers implanted into the LEP. Ailin thought the entire idea was a load of swear-toad dung, and the idea an goblin-elf hybrid fighting with the LEP was preposterous. It was the goblins that were raiding his ship now!
Blakley’s voice broke through the Captain’s mental rant, “We just lost the second engine, Cap. Prepare for aftershock-” He’d no sooner finished his sentence when a giant shudder wracked the shuttle, shaking loose a few blots and sheets of metal from the wall. Cursing, Ailin pushed the accelerator farther, trying to get as much energy out of the quickly-crumbling ship as he could. Then two of the control panels went black, and Blakley’s face drained of any color it had left, “D’Arvit! We’re going to lose the last engine! Captain we have to land now!” He began pulling at all manner of levers and switches, trying in vain to get the computers back on.
Ailin pushed the accelerator forward, sweat beginning to drip off of the tips of his pointed ears. The only chance they had left was to call on the station, and have them send a location to land. It was too late for that. The last control panel didn’t last, and it seemed that when it died, everything else seemed to lose hope. The lights in the cabin flickered and went out. Blakley howled, “NO!! WE’RE GOING DOWN, CAPTIAN! TAKE US FORWARD!!! TAKE-” The first mate was struck unconscious as another explosion pelted the ship, and sent him flailing into a wall, striking his head and silencing him immediately. Ailin struggled to hold the shuttle steady as they torpedoed toward the side of the tunnel. This wasn’t going to end well. He had one chance now, and he was going to take it. He shot out of his chair, grabbed the unconscious Blakley and threw him over his shoulder in a firemen’s carry. Then he hurled himself against the emergency door on the side of the shuttle. The door gave way instantly, and they were falling through the air...
Ailin ripped at the cord on his flight suit, praying, hoping that he hadn’t just sentenced both of them to death. The sound of humming motors starting up told him he hadn’t. Their descent was slowed considerably, though not entirely stopped, and Ailin hit the ground with a thud, sending him somersaulting across the dirty tunnel floor. Blakley went sprawling some distance away and Ailin held his breath as the abandoned ship crashed into the tunnel wall, and exploded with a sonic boom that made the ground he was laying on shake. They were going to kill him back at the station. That was a million dollar ship, reduced to a hunk of scrap metal. What was he going to do now?
The buzz of an incoming call on his neck-piece communicator made his mind up for him.


She paced back and forth. Cait Cirrus, officer of the LEP and head researcher for the LEP’s Unit for Genome Exploration research, was anxiously awaiting the return of the units latest experimentation, when the alert came through. One of the officers, a friend of Cait, had been considerate enough to buzz Cait while she was studying the blade of a scalpel. The buzz from her neck piece had surprised her and the scalpel had gone straight through her finger. With a gasp, she’d answered the call, her voice shrill and demanding.
The officer’s own voice trembled, “S-sorry, Cait! I just wanted to let you know, we got an emergency feed from your brother’s shuttle. He’s crashed. Cait hissed, pulling the scalpel out of her now bleeding finger, “What do you mean? Was my experiment in there?” She added as an afterthought, “Has he died?” Her heart skipped a beat.
“We don’t know yet. We’re attempting to reach him now.”
Cait replied, wrapping her finger with surgical gauze, “Well keep me posted.” She wasn’t particularly worried, Ailin had always been the more physically savvy of the two. He always seemed to be able to get himself out of normally life threatening situations. He’d done a nasty piece of work in the troll slaughtering a few years back. Still, he was her brother. And she was concerned. She stood and walked over to the mirror hanging on the wall of her laboratory, gazing intently at herself. Her slim, boyish features were accented with dark olive skin and dark, copper read hair, cut short and spiked up. Her grey-blue, almond shaped eyes sparkled with knowledge and mischief, traits that never failed to get her in trouble as a girl. Even in the training academy, and through most of her college years the twenty four year old fairy was constantly under watch. Though it wasn’t always under false pretenses. The girl had a troublesome streak, only tamed by work. And what better work then science? Cait had a natural talent for scientific work, she enjoyed working out the problems presented to her. And she was good at it.
Turning away from the mirror, she went back to playing with her scalpel. She hoped to hear from her brother soon…..

Alright, for this Rp we need:
*The escaped science experiment
*A human to aid in recapturing the experiment. (Maybe a fairy-crazed fanatic eager to help, or an old fowl enemy. Or even just a guy off of the street…)
*A member of the Fowl family (daughter, brother, sister, son ect. of Artemis)

The plot: A science experiment has escaped The Lower Element genome Exploration unit. The experiment has found its way onto the surface and into the hands of a member of the Fowl family. He/she wishes to take it apart to see how it ticks. Because Artemis didn’t tell anyone in his family about his experience with the fairies the main Fowl child is unsure of what it or where it came from. All he/she knows is that it could be extremely valuable, and even set the breakthrough for modern science. They plot to keep it for themselves and study it. So the LEP sends in Recon agents to get it back. One problem.
With invitation into the house, getting inside is a challenge. Unless they can somehow convince another human to help them out…

Re: Recon gone wrong

Posted: Fri May 21, 2010 3:26 pm
by Reed
...I wanna be Artemis's son. :)

Name: Perceus Fowl
Nickname: Percy
Species: human (?)
Age: 10
Hair: black
Eyes: Fowl blue (it gets its own color XD)
Gender: Male
Items: anything at a fowl's disposal (it's much easier to say what he DOESN'T have...)
Weapons: Jacklyn Butler, his bodyguard (someone will need to play her, she's Domovoi's cousin)
Identifying features: a birth mark under his left eye
Piercings or tattoos: none
Clothes: suits, like his daddy
Skills: intelligence like his dad

Re: Recon gone wrong

Posted: Fri May 21, 2010 4:17 pm
by ~Loki~
(OOC: Accepted! =D I'll be happy to play Jacklyn as well, if you'd like?)

Re: Recon gone wrong

Posted: Sat May 22, 2010 1:23 am
by Reed
(OOC: Accepted! =D I'll be happy to play Jacklyn as well, if you'd like?)
(OOC: Sure! That'd be great. :) )

Re: Recon gone wrong

Posted: Sat May 22, 2010 1:35 am
by ~Loki~
(OOC: Awesome!!)

Re: Recon gone wrong

Posted: Sat May 22, 2010 10:34 am
by Kitsy
Hi Loki, I'd just like to point you to the RPG Rules:

Firstly the outline of the plot (which you have posted at the end of your post, which may be confusing, better to have it at the beginning) must be at least 200 words. Yours is not, if you could please amend that. Secondly, please note the five line minimum when posting in the RPG. Also, can you put all OOC posts in an OOC thread in the subforum dedicated to those.

I'll check up on this RP in a few days to see what you've done. If you have any questions, please PM me.

Re: Recon gone wrong

Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:11 am
by MiraShort
(OOC, can i be the escaped science experiment?)

Re: Recon gone wrong

Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:35 pm
by Kitsy
Mirashort, if you look at the date you'd see that this RP stopped in May. Locked.