The New Girl

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The New Girl

Postby American Fairy KP » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:16 am

Name: Kirsten Mustang
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Height: 2'1 still growing
Age: relativly young only about 30 or so a kid
Hair: brown and wavy, reaches just below her shoulders
Eyes: blue. light in the center and grow darker as they move toward the edge they become almost black when she is angry
Items: carries a small laser, a pocket knife, phone, wears a small necklace made of precious fairy gold
Personality: kind, stern, natural leader, she acts like a 12 year old human if anything.
Bio: her parents killed by goblins she was taken in by America's LEPrecon leader and become a LEP oficer at the youngest age ever. She is a captain but isn't always respected but is strong willed and wants to prove herself. she was transferred to Haven from north GA's underground unit recently and isn't really treated fair.

Ok so this rp is about Kirsten she is new to the unit from America and is a little odd and way young. this RP basically is about just the LEPrecon unit and such. So have fun. I'm new here so tell me if i do something wrong.
Kirsten was amzed by the Haven recon unit.
She was waiting on her first mission and really knew no one.
She had just picked up her new weapons from Foaly.

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Re: The New Girl

Postby AliceFowl » Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:12 pm

I'll play! We do need a plot line, though, and you need to tell us what characters you need. I'll PM you.
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