OOC - The Fall of Haven

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OOC - The Fall of Haven

Postby Thistle Vinyáya » Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:45 am

Subject: The Fall of Haven

Haven has fallen. Artemis Fowl has turned against the People (he was understandably angry at Holly for refusing his marraige proposal). Along with Ark Sool and Opal Koboi, he has scattered the LEP and forced all of the fairy world, to the refuge of Atlantis. Worse yet, Fowl is hell-bent on finding his long lost sister and turning her against the people.

Artemis Fowl
Ark Sool
Holly Short
Opal Koboi

Need Character sheets from:
Lauren Fowl
Sabrina Short
Sarah Short
Thistle Vinyáya

This is a high level roleplay. All posts must be at least 5 lines long and spelling/grammar needs to be really good.
Good day.
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Re: OOC - The Fall of Haven

Postby wolf106 » Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:29 pm

hey,may i be able to join please?
my character sheet is this,cause this roleplay sounds like this one needs an assassin.

NAME= James Taronyu
GENDER= male
WEAOPON=2 red boys pistols and laser sword and lethal red boy sniper,civillian mode is just red boy blaster
HISTORY= assassin in the human and fairy underworld and were abuse at school and fought frequently at schools
and also famous for his falcon eyes,aways help the poor.and deadly in assassin mode
specialtys= sword fighting class A sharpshooter, and can kill up to 5 miles.
EYES= green
CLOTHES= custmize armor that allows him to become sheild without vibrate,and can camoflauge,stoled at foalys ops booth, worn in assassin mode,t-shirt black pants with black leather belt and a falcon claw necklace with black boots,with sun glasses,that are able to do visions.
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you look sucker lol haha T/H =GOOD AND ARTEMIS FOWL ROCKS


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Re: OOC - The Fall of Haven

Postby hollyshort_reconjock » Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:34 pm

Hey, just an old member dropping in. Are all youz who're posting in this RP related or something? :blink: I noticed the extreme similarity between your usernames. Just asking. *laughs*

Bydaway, I like the plot. :thumbsup:

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Re: OOC - The Fall of Haven

Postby Major Trouble » Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:15 pm

I'll help populate your RP if you'd like. There are three ways I can do this - I can play Trouble Kelp, or I can play my OC as a good guy (LEP officer) or bad guy (turncoat LEP officer), whichever suits your needs. This is the OC's "good" bio - slight modifications will make him evil if you'd rather. Or, of course, I can play Trouble. ALWAYS willing to play Trouble :) (I could also play both of them, in which case I'd rather Spike was good, but either way still works - it's your choice.)

Name: Major Spike Ivy
Nickname: CSI
Gender: Male
Age: A few months older than Trouble
Eyes: Blue/Grey, with vision-correcting clear contacts
Species: Elf
Height: 3’6” (tall for an elf)
Hair: black, short and always spiked (no pun intended)
Clothing: At work: LEPretrieval or LEPrecon suit
Away from work: black jeans, black t-shirt, studded belt, heavy black hoodie, skeleton fingerless gloves, and black combat boots.
Occupation: LEP Major
Weapons: The latest LEP gear, and a throwing knife in the bottom of each boot
Items: iPod, Cell Phone
Skills: Strong, Young, Fit, Fast, Good at moving unseen, and the best knife-thrower in The Lower Elements
Personality: Despite the feel of danger around him, Spike is actually a very fun guy to be around. Most of the time. He can hold grudges for a long time, if given the right reason, and has been known to create enemies just because he’s bored. However, he usually just likes to sit back and relax with his friends.

Spike is easily distracted, and will completely forget about people when thinking, which had gotten him into trouble in the past. His memory isn't very good for small details, but what he remembers, he won't soon forget. Despite his strange (and annoying) mood swings, he is someone you want on your team- or you might find a knife in your calf.

He follows the rules very well and is very proper about it all, in the office and in the field. Break a rule or don't follow procedure, and even if he doesn't write you up for it, you will be punished, and you will regret it. The nickname CSI is from when he was a Cadet - Cadet Spike Ivy, shortened to CSI. It worked as a Corporal and Captain, too, however he was recently promoted to Major.

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