Unusual Artemis Fowl 1x1 RP Request

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Unusual Artemis Fowl 1x1 RP Request

Postby Zodikosis » Wed Oct 13, 2010 4:26 am

Hello, everybody. I have been searching high and low for someone who will do a 1x1 Artemis Fowl RP with me. Naturally, I figured I would experience the most success here. It is a mixed Artemis Fowl canon/OC rp and long-term.

Okay, so lately I've had a burst of great plot ideas involving a cross between Artemis Fowl and a sci-fi/horror world. It's a little complicated and anyone who is even remotely interested can IM/email/reply here for more details. I DO have all of my ideas written out but I don't want to scary away people with a wall of text immediatel (Although I may end up doing that anyway, I'm a bit of a rambler ;) ).

It involves the main elements of the Artemis Fowl universe crossed with vampires (not Twilight-ish, more Interview with the Vampire-ish. This rp will incorporate many similar elements found in the Anne Rice vampire culture that is established in the Vampire Chronciles, but none of the canon characters or time periods), aliens, and some other goodies in store depending on where we get. If this sounds like something you might be interested, please contact me! I need someone who is very creative and good at collaborative writing! These will be very in-depth plots and I need long-term RP partners!

I need someone to play Arty and any other canon characters they want to include and whatever OC characters they wish to create. I have a main and multiple OC characters myself. I am willing to negotiate on who plays which canon character if you do not want to play one of them, all except for Arty. This MUST be multiple characters. We will most likely use many of the canon characters in detailed plots, although most likely not all at once, except for Artemis.

I am not intending this to be very romantic, but rather philosophical. However, I am not opposed to romance, and if romance is what you want, I can do either MXM or FXM or both (I already have three plot ideas set up to make it work). I do not have a preference for any ships in the Fowl-verse. I'm not particularly fond of HollyxArtemis but I can work with it if your heart is really dead-set on it. Note, however, that the likelihood of any romantic plot ending up tragic is very likely.

I don't care about post length so long as it's at least 5 reply-able sentences, but considering the nature of the plots I have in mind, you will have no problem having something to write about.

I want advanced lit. And by advanced lit, I don't mean someone who can write 10 pages of absolutely nothing I can reply to, or even someone who writes 10 pages. Lord knows I do not need another RP partner like that. I mean someone who can handle and contribute to long-term, complicated plots and sub-plots, complex character relationships and constructions, and incorporation of common literary elements.

I am a high school senior, for the next semester or so I will only be able to reply about 1-2 times a day (sometimes only every other day) thanks to juggling extracurriculars, homework, job, and college apps. I hope you understand this.

I am extremely reliable and do not need any more flakes in my life! I will be honest with you if I'm just not feeling the RP anymore or perhaps your style is not what I'm looking for, so please do the same for me! Thanks!

Contact info:

AIM: The Floyd Freak
IM me even if I am away!
You can PM me here to but the likelihood of getting a response is lower since I'm terrible with checking inboxes other than my email's.

This will be done either over AIM or email. If I REALLY like you I might do forum. :P

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Re: Unusual Artemis Fowl 1x1 RP Request

Postby Tira » Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:46 pm

Just so you know, I sent you an email about this. Hope it's not too long for you.

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